Shorten sales cycles & improve bottom-line results

Boost Sales Enablement

In order to boost sales enablement, organizations need a centralized platform that aligns sales and marketing teams and measurably improves KPIs and results. And that’s the world’s most successful organizations choose Showpad.

Accessible via the cloud through any computer or mobile device, Showpad empowers sales and marketing teams to boost sales enablement by:

  • Making it fast and easy to find content anywhere in the ecosystem vs. scouring through drives and folders
  • Driving customer engagement at every touch point
  • Launching impressive multimedia presentations, even without Wifi access
  • Measuring content engagement across the buyer’s journey to see what’s working – and what isn’t

According to Aberdeen Research, businesses with best-in-class sales enablement strategies enjoy a 13.7% annual increase in deal size. And Sirius Decisions confirms that aligning sales and marketing is proven to deliver 19% more growth.

Discover why more than 100,000 sales and marketing professionals around the world use Showpad each day to truly activate content, boost sales enablement, and achieve impressive bottom-line results.  Start your free trial today.