Use sales enablement software to align sales and marketing

Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement software aims to de-silo sales and marketing and align the goals of your business. Showpad, the world's most intuitive content activation platform, will help you unify sales and marketing content on a single platform and easily share knowledge across the organization.

Our sales enablement software – just one part of our platform – will help your sales team discover relevant internal content, share that content with customers, and ultimately close more deals.

Showpad will help your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Have more valuable meetings and follow ups with prospects
  • More easily find and use marketing content and stay on brand
  • Measure which content is most effective in sales meetings

Centralize your organization’s best assets, identify your best opportunities, and give your team the sales tools they need. Join our sales enablement software community today and start your free trial!

Download the 2015 Sales Enablement Optimization Key Trends Analysis