Present powerfully, sell successfully and share immediately

Browse & Present

Present all your sales materials on your tablet. No internet connection required. Showpad has an easy navigation and powerful search functionality so you spend less time sifting through sales collateral and have more time to make that sale.
All your content, any type, neatly integrated in a powerful presentation app.

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Share content with your customers

Sharing content has to be easy when your are on the road. Accessing and sending content from a tablet can be a nightmare: bad data connections, large files taking ages to process... Not so with Showpad! Showpad takes the pain out of content sharing. Share links to your content, or create and send a Personal Catalog: a unique brochure with handpicked content.
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Personal Catalog

Gather contact interests/information

Want to gather your customers interests or contact information during your sales conversation? Showpad forms allow you to capture any type of information during a sales conversation. Once captured, it is automatically synced with the online platform, so no need to type it over to your CRM.
It saves you time.

Communicate & collaborate

Enjoy meeting your prospects face-to-face, while staying in close contact with the office? With Showpad you'll never feel alone. Want to share or see best practices regarding a presentation? Have an urgent question for the content creator or sales support team? Check out the comments section under any file. Suitable for quick notes and in-depth discussions.
Bring collateral material to life by interacting with it.

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