Benefits for Sales

Our mobile sales application enables your sales team to…

  • Spend less time looking for the right content.
  • Have more engaging sales conversations.
  • Access any type of sales collateral online or offline.
  • Easily share content in a personalized way.
  • See how prospects are engaging with shared content post meeting and use valuable insights to identify the most promising opportunities.
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Benefits for Marketing

Marketing uses Showpad to…

  • Roll out permission-based content to any device.
  • See that everyone uses the latest marketing materials.
  • Unify messaging and communication.
  • Understand which pieces of content are most utilized and shared.
  • Increase Indirect Channel Sales effectiveness.
  • Get feedback on content directly from sales.
  • Get insights on what’s happening in the field.
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Benefits for Channels

Your indirect partner channel benefits from…

  • Easily accessing the information that only matters for their market.
  • Unified messaging and communication.
  • Having one single source of accurate content.
  • Avoiding huge archives of unused printed collateral.
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