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The Showpad Enablement Operating System® (eOS) aligns Sales and Marketing teams around high-impact buyer interactions – unleashing your organization’s ability to accelerate revenue growth.

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Discover the science behind seller success.

Discover the science behind seller success.

How well are you supporting seller needs? Find out where you’re at with our Enablement Maturity Calculator – and learn how to start making improvements, fast. Here’s how it works:
  1. Our questionnaire explores four key enablement domains. Choose to measure your maturity in each area or narrow your focus to the domains that matter most to you.
  2. When you finish the questionnaire (or an individual section), you can skip straight to the results – for your scores and an explanation of what it all means.
  3. You can download a PDF copy of your own report via email, which includes the full results of your personal enablement maturity assessment.

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4 key eOS use cases.

Showpad eOS® provides foundational functionality that Sales and Marketing teams need to optimize all their buyer interactions, through the following use cases:

Sales Content

Enable revenue teams to operate from and align around a single source of truth for all sales content (i.e. assets, knowledge, and insights) – improving content relevance and quality for buyers.


Give sellers the tools, knowledge and best practices to position themselves as trusted advisors to today’s larger, more demanding buying teams – with scalable training & coaching, and guided selling.


Elevate every interaction and close deals faster through a unified platform where sellers and buyers can collaborate and co-create via personalized communication channels and modern storytelling formats.

Analytics &

Deliver data-led insights throughout seller and buyer journeys, turning engagement learnings into better content strategies, more relevant content, targeted coaching, tailored engagements, and greater ROI.

With eOS, we give your revenue teams the ability to collaborate seamlessly, make every buyer experience more rewarding,
and close deals faster.

We play well with others.

We play well with others.

Our solution capabilities can be extended through our Showpad EcoSystem of integrations and strategic partnerships. This open and scalable approach enables seamless integrations that meet teams where they live. And our partners offer innovative technologies, built on top of our Showpad eOS® foundation, to enhance your selling strategy.

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Tom Carter

Tom Carter
National VP, Business Marketing

❝When I asked a sales manager how this framework and the tools we implemented through Salesforce & Showpad have helped him, his response was unequivocal: ‘It’s hours per prospect you’re saving me.’❞

Connor Fassnacht

Connor Fassnacht
Digital Marketing Lead

❝Now, we can deliver everything prospects are looking for in one centralized content hub that’s interactive and visual. That’s a game-changer in my opinion.❞

Jessie Hanna

Jessie Hanna
VP Sales Enablement

❝Showpad was adopted almost immediately across the board, right out of the gate.❞

Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia
Sales Enablement Lead

❝Before [Showpad], I would bring you into the lab to experience yourself. But now, I send a link and you get a feeling of how the final product will look like right on the desk in front of you.❞

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