May 23, 2017
Updated: September 12, 2019

20 Questions to Ask to Create a Compelling Case Study

Buyers have changed. Prospects research and inform themselves before they interact with a sales rep. They look at Amazon reviews, talk to their friends, and read analyst reports to get the inside scoop on a product, which means adding value as a salesperson is harder and more important than ever.

When it comes to sales, the best thing you can do is show – not tell. A powerful customer testimonial builds your credibility because you’re letting someone else do the heavy lifting for you. Case studies give real-life examples of how you were able to meet your customer’s needs and address their pain points.

To help you create a case study that will maximize your impact, we took this great list of Hubspot’s 100 case study questions and curated 20 great questions to ask your customer. After you ask these questions, you’ll have a framework to draft a persuasive, meaningful case study to share with your prospects.

100 Case Study Interview Questions [Updated for 2019]