August 26, 2022
Updated: September 21, 2022

Showpad Wins 2022 SaaS Awards

In an exciting update to our entry as a finalist in 2022 SaaS Awards, we’ve been chosen as the winner of the Best Content Management Innovation in a SaaS Product category. It’s an amazing honour.

“Our purpose at Showpad is to enable people to be at their best, and this win is testament to the hard work our team puts into delivering a solution that does just that. We look forward to continuing to help our customers enable their sales and revenue teams to deliver exceptional buying experiences and accelerate their revenue growth”

Hendrik Isebaert

Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards, James Williams, said Showpad is: 

“Innovative, results-driven content management, with a focus on generating sales and boasting impressive results. A smart, modern solution for sales teams transitioning to cope with modern consumer behaviours. Impressive customer satisfaction and retention. A worthy winner in a diverse category.”

“Every year, we take pride in assessing the compelling solutions and performance of our candidates,” continued Williams. “The evolution and progress of submissions goes only one way: up. Every edition of this business software ‘Oscars’ sees progressively exciting innovations as we face the increasing challenges and changes of the modern world.”

Hundreds of organizations entered the SaaS Awards, with entries coming from across the globe, covering the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. You can view the full shortlist here:

It just shows all the hard work, sleepless nights, and vast amounts of coffee over the last few years are paying off. It also highlights the value we offer our customers every day.

Buying journeys and sales cycles have become increasingly complex. Innovative content management platforms ensure that sales and marketing teams come together to reach their objectives and engage with potential buyers effectively. And that’s precisely what Showpad is on this earth to do!

But don’t just take our word for it — this is what one of our top customers had to say about us:

“One-of-a-kind Sales Enablement Tool. Best one I’ve used! Best sales enablement tool if you are looking for UX, increased collaboration between sales and marketing, and measuring engagement of prospects with your content.” Cegid

What the SaaS Awards love about us

“This year, the SaaS Awards received a very strong shortlist. Thus, all chosen finalists demonstrated a remarkable commitment to innovation. All finalists should be proud of this achievement, which moves the SaaS industry a step forward.” — James Williams, Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards

And, of course, we’re very proud of our achievement, as this is why we founded Showpad back in 2011. But more than that, we’re soooooo proud of every single Showpadder who drove us forward, customer who celebrated us, and prospect who challenged us. Collectively, they made this possible. Thank you!

Our journey to make customers’ lives easier

Buyers today know what they want. That’s why content management is so critical. 

So we’ve focused on ensuring exceptional buyer experiences are at the heart of what our platform offers our customers and always will be. And as buyers’ expectations, needs, and habits evolve, Showpad will evolve to meet them.

We’ve been striving to do this since we started over a decade ago. Always trying to find innovative ways to make content accessible and thinking beyond the expected — content available with no internet connection, impossible, right? Not according to our amazing team, who make innovations like this possible every day.

So this recognition is a huge milestone on that journey!

“Distribution of information is made easy. I’ve seen no other platform that can do so better. Before Showpad, I had to resort to all types of external sharing sites. Now that is a thing of the past.” — IFF

Why content management matters so much 

73% of high-performing sellers know precisely when to use each piece of content in the sales cycle. And our customers know this because Showpad’s platform shows them. We make instant performance analysis possible. And deliver a reliable, mission-critical content management platform that simplifies sales and supports sellers’ decision-making processes using data-driven insights.

Organized content management and data analytics are crucial to marketing effectiveness and enabling sellers to optimize impact in a digital-first society. Our content management platform lets sellers share the most relevant sales content quickly and instantly measure and understand the impact of that content. If sellers understand how potential buyers interact with their content, they can make content decisions based on usage and revenue data, creating winning content that sales teams love using.

“Our sales reps love Showpad. They can quickly bring together polished, professional presentations, online or offline. With Showpad, they know they are using the right content, and the right messaging, every time.” — HID