April 10, 2023
Updated: May 2, 2023

2023 sales enablement trends to watch from our guest, Forrester’s Peter Ostrow

Market conditions in today’s global landscape are constantly changing and difficult to predict. The uncertainty surrounding inflation, recession, and supply chains have caused ripple effects in businesses across industries:

  • 81% of sellers say deals have been lost or stalled in the past year due to a key stakeholder’s departure from a client or prospect company.
  • 57% of buyers say sellers lack knowledge of their unique business needs.
  • 46% of sellers feel fatigued when thinking about facing another day at the job.

So how can sales leaders drive growth in today’s landscape?

With support from sales enablement.

Four core responsibilities of sales enablement

Forrester guest speaker, Peter Ostrow, shares four major categories of enablement responsibilities in our webinar.
  1. Sales talent management. Supporting the people who sell, including managing their performance, skills development, and readiness.
  2. Sales asset management. Managing the content and resources used for selling, including sales content creation, organization, and accessibility.
  3. Sales communications and rep advocacy. Listening to what is communicated to sellers and customers, as well as advocating for sellers within the organization.
  4. Sales methodology. Defining and implementing the sales process and techniques that are most effective with customers, based on best practices.

“At Forrester, we define sales enablement as a function that’s focused on making sure that reps have the content, confidence, and competence to be so good at their jobs that they hit their number, the company hits their number, and your customers are constantly delighted and turn into advocates for you.”

Peter Ostrow, VP, Research Director, Forrester, Showpad webinar: Sales Enablement during unpredictable times: What’s in your skill set?

Three ways sales enablement can help in 2023

Now is the time for your sales enablement team to elevate their game, boost their profile, and drive greater impact across the enterprise. 

So as 2023 sales enablement leaders look to catch their stride, according to Peter’s presentation on the webinar, Forrester says there are three trends to focus on:

  1. Mapping out role-specific competencies based on your best sellers. 
  2. Enhancing company culture by fostering an environment that encourages trust, authenticity, and transparency.
  3. Re-evaluating seller compensation based on factors that support business goals and revenue growth.

What’s next for sales enablement?

Watch our on-demand webinar Sales Enablement during unpredictable times: What’s in your skill set? to dive deeper into Forrester guest speaker Peter Ostrow’s exploration of:

  • 2023 sales enablement priorities, and how to embrace sudden change
  • How sales enablement can ‘speak executive’ to earn C-level buy-in
  • Key metrics the C-suite should use to evaluate enablement success

Watch the webinar.

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