February 20, 2018
Updated: January 21, 2021

3 Sales Training Strategies When Messaging is Critical

Sales messaging is always critical to success, but there are some instances when the stakes get even higher.

When companies face important events like new acquisitions, product launches, or the onboarding of new sales reps, sales leaders need the best sales training methods to keep their team on point.

We’ve compiled three of the best sales training methods to keep messaging consistent when the stakes are high and revenue could take a hit.

Sales Certifications

Sales certifications are an ideal way to ensure your team is trained properly during critical acquisitions, launches, or when new reps are being onboarded.

They can help sales leaders:

  • Ensure and prove reps are “client ready”
  • Improve sales rep consistency and proficiency
  • Fully leverage the efforts of product marketing

While it’s likely you’ll use some sort of onboarding or training program to navigate these events, how confident are you that your sales reps really know their stuff? How much work are you recreating that’s already been hashed out by a supporting group in your organization — such as product marketing?

Use sales certifications to train reps on the right messaging, and hold them accountable by assessing their knowledge. Testing their knowledge will give you the peace of mind that your sales reps know what to sell, and how to sell it.

Get started implementing sales certifications within your organization with these basics.

Video Technology

Forward thinking sales leaders are incorporating video technology into their sales training game. While many forms of training are effective, video is the most efficient way to highlight strengths and identify weaknesses.

Sales reps walk away from a demo or pitch with a highlight reel replaying in their head. They nailed it! But do they review their performance? Do you? And if you did, would it take too much time?

Using video technology, like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ, allows reps to practice key sales messaging through role play, pitch practice, and demo practice. Giving your reps access to the most honest feedback possible will ensure that they’re messaging is aligned and ready gameday ready.

Gamification & Incentivization

One of the hardest challenges for sales leaders when it comes to sales training is motivation. How do you get your sales team who is constantly bombarded with training, coaching, and development opportunities, excited about tackling a new challenge?

When product launches or other mission critical events are happening, sales leaders need to motivate their team efficiently, and effectively. Using gamification tools and incentives is a great way to get reps excited about perfecting new sales messaging.

Consider using leaderboards to track training completions and assessment rankings, and even use top ranking reps as learning tools for the rest of the team. And of course, give them incentives they can get excited about. Higher commission levels and prizes are always a hit.

Make sure your sales team is trained and ready to sell when important company events occur. Use top sales strategies to make sure sales messaging is staying consistent all the way from product marketing conception, to client-facing meetings.

And, of course, make sure to use resources already in place such as your own hardworking team of marketers, your top earning reps, and other folks at your company hard at work creating and promoting your solution messaging.

Want to learn more about how implementing sales certification programs for your team can boost revenue and improve messaging consistency? Attend our upcoming webinar, Marketing & Sales Alignment: Are you sure sales delivers the right message?