January 25, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

3 Ways to Maintain Sales Momentum Post-Kickoff

Sales kickoff is over. So, now what?

Is your team actually using what they learned? Are they following through on new initiatives? Are they closing more deals?

Maintaining momentum after your sales kickoff meeting is just as important, if not more, than the energy you create during the event. Keep your reps motivated all year long by following three simple guidelines.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to keep sales momentum going is to plan: Build in checkpoints and meetings to ensure your reps are leveraging what they learned at the kickoff, and employing new tactics to meet their quotas.  .

Take a proactive approach to post-kickoff planning by:

  • Adding goal review dates to your calendar. Carve out time in your busy schedule to assess whether your sales team is on track. Are they hitting interim goals? Are they bringing target accounts? Who is exceeding expectations? Who is lagging? How do activity levels compare to pre-kickoff quarters, or previous years?
  • Plan a mid-year sales kickoff. One kickoff event a year isn’t enough. Schedule a smaller, virtual sales event half-way through your year to re-energize your reps. This is the perfect opportunity to review goals, incentive plans, new products, company updates, and get reps excited.
  • Schedule training reinforcement. Your kickoff messaging needs to be regularly reinforced throughout the year. Make training opportunities interesting by getting away from classroom style and using mobile friendly online learning software instead. Your reps will be much more willing to participate when they can access and complete bite-sized modules from anywhere.

Two sales professionals meeting to create a sales engagement model

Incorporate Coaching

Maintain momentum by dedicating time for one-on-one coaching. Each of your sales reps has different strengths and weaknesses. Work with them individually to address their specific needs. This improves sales efficiency and allows you the opportunity to reinforce kickoff messaging and goals.

Individualized coaching doesn’t have to absorb more time. Showpad Coach’s Mobile Manager App allows you to work your reps individually without using up your entire day. The Mobile Manager App allows sales leaders to communicate with their team from anywhere and allows the team to collaborate by providing feedback for improvement to one another.

Incorporating more coaching into your year doesn’t have to be inefficient if you’re using the right technology.

Read more about our mobile coaching solution.

Invest in Sales Enablement

Maintain momentum by teeing your sales team up for success. Sales enablement boosts efficiency by helping your team close more deals. It gives your reps the structure and tools they need to succeed.

Targeted initiatives can:

  • Accelerate ramp up time
  • Drive productivity
  • Generate more revenue per sales rep
  • Improve retention

Implementing an entire new sales enablement plan doesn’t need to be  overwhelming. Break it down into manageable pieces. A 90-day plan is a great place to start.

  • 30 Days: Audit your organization. Get an accurate lay of the land including technologies and baseline metrics.
  • 60 Days: Get Quick Wins. Identify where you can get the biggest ROI for your time quickly. Get buy in for these initiatives and then implement for immediate results.
  • 90 Days: Build Long Term Framework: Plan for the future. Incorporate every state and stakeholder in the selling process to address a framework for long term success.

Intrigued? Check out our full post on building your own sales enablement strategy: How to Build A Sales Enablement Strategy: First Steps

Sales kickoff is the perfect time to get sales reps revved up and ready to go. But losing momentum too quickly afterwards can mean failed initiatives and less than impressive results. Keep sales momentum strong after kickoff by incorporating one or more of our tips above.

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