April 11, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

4 Sales Tips for a Successful Q2

With a reinforced focus starting off the year in Q1, it’s critical to keep sales momentum moving in Q2. Your sales team got a huge kick of motivation during SKO, and it’s up to sales leaders to be the driving force for continued success during the rest of the year.

Use the following sales tips to continue making critical improvements that will improve sales skills and boost revenue all year long.

1.  Reinforce SKO Topics

87% of training is lost within 30 days, making Q2 the perfect time to remind reps of the main topics and calls to action from your sales kickoff meeting. Revisit your original theme and plan for inspiration.

  • Could you continue competition or gamification that you incorporated in SKO throughout Q2 to keep motivation high?
  • Can you bring in new data points to reinforce SKO messaging?
  • Are there outstanding questions or areas of confusion you need to address to provide a clear path for a successful Q2?
  • Would revisiting or revealing new incentives keep reps more effectively on track?
  • Are there new ways you could reinforce messaging through communication?

Plan meetings, coaching sessions, and new initiatives to make sure reps are continually reminded of the tone you set during SKO.

2.  Assess Sales Collateral

Sales content and resources are important tools for keeping your reps on track. Use Q2 as an opportunity to check in with marketing and sales enablement teams. See what initiatives they’re currently working on, and also communicate new needs you’ve identified. Then, work together through collaborative efforts to create the best results.

Consider which collateral was most instrumental in closing deals. How can you improve or expand on it to maximize future success? What resources were never used? Do you they need to be improved, or eliminated? Ask all teams involved to give feedback on the current sales tools and differentiated messaging.

3.  Revisit Goals

You most likely touched on your current sales performance landscape during SKO, but now is the time to revisit and highlight your goals. How are you tracking after Q1?

Gather to assess annual performance to date and to set clear expectations for Q2. Explain why it’s so important in achieving your annual goals and how Q2 performance will set you up for success for the rest of the year. Use data and make sure each sales rep understands how their performance impacts the entire team’s ability to succeed.

Revisiting goals will keep sales performance top of mind for your reps, and make it easier for them to stay on track for a successful Q2.

4.  Prioritize Sales Training

Having the right focus, sales tools and goals are important building blocks for a successful Q2, and year, but you’ll need a strong sales training plan to make it all come together. Implementing sales training software, like Showpad Coach, can help give your sales training plan a boost without having to start from scratch. The right technology can:

  • Help you gauge individual sales rep learning and performance
  • Provide mobile sales coaching opportunities for leaders
  • Use video technology for demo practice, honest feedback, and role playing
  • Roll out bite sized training modules quickly and efficiently
  • Implement sales certification programs to easily certify sales rep knowledge

Doubling down on your investment on the sales tips above will help you lead your team to a successful Q2. Keep the momentum you created during the first quarter by reinforcing SKO, assessing sales collateral, revisiting goals and prioritizing sales training. Giving your sales organization the attention it needs will ensure not only a successful second quarter, but a great year.

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