October 18, 2018
Updated: October 17, 2019

5 Showtime18 Companies Go Home With Best-in-Class Trophies at SAM Awards!

Showtime18 is not only the biggest sales enablement conference in the world, it also is the place where sales enablement projects from all over the globe are recognized for their creativity, quality, effectiveness, and execution.

On Wednesday, Showpad hosted the Showpad Sales & Marketing Excellence Awards (SAM Awards), which recognizes and promotes best-in-class sales enablement projects from customers and partners who are proven leaders in their industry.

This year, 32 companies were shortlisted for the five awards and 15 were nominated. Winners were selected from a five-person jury that featured Celine Vincent, Showpad’s customer success director in Europe, Bart Verbeek, Sales Director at G4S, Deva Rangarajan, Director at Center for Professional Selling at Ball State University, and Gauri Chawla, Showpad’s head of global business development and alliances.

Vincent and Liz Carten, Showpad’s head of global customer success, presented the awards onstage before a packed audience at Ghelamco Arena in Ghent.


Winners for each category are:

Arval — Best Business Impact

Arval had very clear expectations of what Showpad could deliver in terms of increased sales productivity, increased sales satisfaction and improved collaboration between marketing and sales. On all levels, the company saw satisfactory results early in the project.

When talking about sales productivity, meeting preparation time has decreased from four hours to one hour. Due to the outstanding work from Ludivine Montaudoin and team, Showpad is now rolled out in 28 countries.

Croustico (by Vandemoortele) — Best Design and Visual Excellence

Croustico started rethinking their business model and strategy two years ago. They wanted to change their vision, implement storytelling, and make sure their sales reps were coaching their customers more. Showpad was the perfect match to help make this change.

The results are impressive. Besides eliminating printing in some countries, Croustico also gained valuable insights from the analytics. This resulted in a completely new approach to content. The company also signed Total, giving them an additional 170 outlets.

DS Smith — Best Interactivity

DS Smith is in the traditional industry of cardboard packaging. But that doesn’t mean they’re stagnant. The global company wanted to build a more coherent brand that communicates a consistent story.

In collaboration with the BBC, DS Smith developed an interactive mapper experience to enable guided selling. They immediately noticed an increase in the quality of their pitches. The sales process has blossomed thanks to the maps module and it’s now easier for prospects to connect due dto the 3D-preview module. Overall, Showpad has given sales people more flexibility, whilst marketing still has control over the buying experience.

Twilio — Best Scale Sales Excellence

Twillio uses LearnCore to drive certifications of our sales reps on sales process updates, product updates, and other initiatives. They launched the “Ready Seller One” initiative. The goal of this program was to ensure 100% certification across the globe of their sales contract and order process update. It was a huge win-win with 100% adoption across the globe.

BBC — Best Sales and Marketing Partner

BBC’s DHL project is all about elevating the buying experience. Some of the elements to call out in this project are the use of AR, automatic data entry, direct signing of the offer within Showpad, voice-to-text notes to include in the offer, and plenty more advanced capabilities to enable personalized selling.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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