January 4, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

5 Tips to Help Sales Reps Hit Higher Quotas

Every sales leader wants their team to hit higher quotas, and they want them to do it fast. While investing in longer term productivity and enablement strategies is important, you should be hitting the quick wins too.

Use the following tips to revamp sales training tactics and help hit higher quotas in no time.

Audit Existing Data

It’s easy to let CRM data get out of control. Do your reps have an accurate idea of their pipeline and where each prospect falls within the sales funnel? Getting organized will help them get a realistic idea of what opportunities they have, and what they can actually close.

When used appropriately CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, and boost productivity by up to 34%.

Coach them to update their accounts, and use accurate information. Knowing exactly when to follow up, which communications to use, and the likelihood of a deal closing will help them hit higher quotas.

Follow Up, Again

There’s no doubt that sales most often go to the reps that follow up the most. Train your sales reps to have a higher limit of touchpoints before they give up. Data shows that 80% of sales require five follow up calls after a meeting, but 44% of sales reps give up after one follow up. Are your sales reps taking advantage of this potential competitive edge?

Go one step further and make sure they are tracking each touchpoint so you can see how many follow up actions it takes on average for your reps to close deals. This will help set standard baselines and give you standard expectations to set moving forward.

Perfect the Pitch

Nothing kills a deal faster than a terrible pitch. Give your reps access to innovative learning technology, like Showpad’s Showpad Coach so they can practice in a meaningful way. The video recording capabilities allow sales managers to review sales reps submissions and provide commentary, and also allows sales reps to watch themselves back on camera.

Improving a sales pitch to capture prospects early and push them further down the sales funnel will help your sales reps close more deals, and hit higher quotas.


Coach your sales reps to think critically about their accounts. After diving into their data and getting an accurate landscape of what they’re working with, they need to strategize. You should be teaching your sales reps to ask questions like:

  • Which accounts are most likely to convert?
  • Where will they get the biggest return for their time investment?
  • Which types of prospects are a waste of time?
  • What type of a lead qualification process are they using?
  • What portions of their day can they automate to save time?

Bonus Tip: Investing in a sales enablement professional or strategy can help lead your sales organization down the path to success.

Implement Time Management Strategies

Whether your sales reps work in the office or at home, distractions are easy to fall victim to. Help them organize their time and accomplish goals by using time management strategies. Concepts like block scheduling, help professionals have a set time to complete a task where they do not allow any distractions.

Using block scheduling for activities like cold calling, or following up with existing accounts, will help your reps stay focused. If you can give your reps the tools to be more efficient and work at a higher productivity level, it will reflect in their sales, and in their ability to hit higher quotas.

Sales leaders don’t have to invest years into improving sales productivity. Get started with the tips above for quick wins that will affect your bottom line.