April 16, 2014
Updated: January 7, 2020

5 Tips to Increase Sales of SaaS Software

In the last 5 years, SaaS businesses have eaten away at the traditional software market. SaaS business owners need to motivate sales team to get out there and attract new customers. Here are 5 quick tips to help increase sales of SaaS software:

Sell Value, Not Features

Customers visit your website because they have a problem they are trying to solve. You need to truly understand that problem by asking relevant questions and building trust. Communicate the value your service rather than discussing technicalities and features of the product.

Don’t Overcomplicate, Keep It Simple

Make your sales pitch short and relevant. People get lost in the details. Buyers want to hear value, connections to ROI, and ways to relieve immediate pain. Instead focus on the main trouble areas and relay how your solution can help.

Communication is Key

The time between a verbal yes, and a signed contract can often take weeks. Moreover, most SaaS businesses charge on a monthly subscription, so just because a sale is made, it doesn’t mean your sales job is over. The transition of customers from sales to on going account strategy should be seamless and monitored. The first sale is great, but an annual renewal is even better.

Two people talking in a shop about SaaS software

Remain Updated on Any New Developments

SaaS software is updated regularly. Stay on top of new developments. Understand the value each update may have for customers and communicate it to build trust. Learning platforms like Showpad Coach can help keep the entire team stay updated and on the same page.

Build Relationships

Just because you run a SaaS business, doesn’t mean you don’t have to build deep relationships with your clients. Develop rapport by sharing exciting news and owning up to mistakes. People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Every customer is different and needs to be treated accordingly. The key to success is to create a deep relationship based on trust and solving their solution AND feeding your bottom line.