March 13, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

Are You Selling the Way Your Buyers Want to Buy?

Today’s B2B buyers have started to act more like consumers. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Netflix have given us simple and convenient customer experiences that we as consumers have come to adore. Now B2B buyers are starting to expect the same from their interactions with sellers.

But are today’s salespeople delivering?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Too many organizations are using tired sales practices – from cold calls to generic pitches and static slide decks – and boring their buyers.

What Modern Buyers Want

Modern buyers demand a better experience. When they engage with sales reps they want to have personalized, value-driven interactions supported by relevant content. They want every touchpoint to be tailored to them and their business – which may mean taking conversations in a different direction than a salesperson initially planned. And they want to be able to share content online and offline, with their colleagues who are also participating in the decision making process.

In short, they want a better buying experience.

And the good news is that buyers are rewarding the sellers who understand this. According to CEB, more than half (53%) of B2B buyers choose a vendor based on the buying experience.

New Webinar Series: Building a Better Buyer Experience

At Showpad, we know that the best buyer experience wins, so our mission is to empower sales and marketing teams to sell the way their buyers want to buy, which is why we’re launching a new webinar series, Building a Better Buyer Experience.

This series will explore marketing’s blind spots, why today’s sales tactics are falling short and how sales and marketing teams can align to engage their buyers with visual, intuitive, non-linear experiences guided by data, analytics and machine learning.

If you’re interested in learning more, register for the latest on-demand webinar in the series here.

And if you’re looking for more guidance on sales enablement, check out our comprehensive guide, “What is sales enablement?”