December 18, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

B2B Buyers Want Digital Content But They Want This One Thing Too

The proliferation of digital content has significantly changed the B2B buyer’s journey. People can find information about your company and product almost anywhere online — whether it’s your own website, a review site like G2Crowd, and from peers (or complete strangers) on social networks.

Showpad’s recent research report, The New B2B Buyer Experience,” confirmed B2B buyers still want the human element too. The report found that 70% of buyers still want to interact with sales reps. In fact, 38% of buyers find interacting with a sales rep superior to gathering information on their own. The sheer volume of information available has reconstructed inside reps into shepherd-like positions — they’re not just sending material, they’re sharing the right material at the right time and guiding buyers and toward a solution.

Buyers’ reliance on a hybrid of digital resources and a salesperson’s expertise makes the partnership between Outreach and Showpad a natural (and necessary) fit for today’s modern sales team. Integrating Showpad into Outreach means insider sellers are able to not only provide digital content, but do it in a way that’s highly personal, more relevant to the buyer and ultimately, more effective in moving deals through the pipeline.

Showpad’s sales engagement partnership with Outreach boosts sales productivity by empowering salespeople to find and share content within their sales automation software. On top of that, they can track their contacts’ engagement.

How Does the Showpad + Outreach Integration Help B2B Inside Sellers?

The modern inside seller operates in an environment with multiple platforms, tools, and applications. On a daily basis they’re jumping in and out of apps like Gmail, Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Showpad, among others. At the same time, optimizing efficiency, productivity, and accountability is a challenge. Reaching out and qualifying leads is their main focus; however, an overabundance of tools is not always helping them do their jobs better. In fact, it’s slowing them down.

With the integration in place, Showpad lives directly in sellers’ workflows, improving visibility, and empowering a more personalized content experience for the buyer. Managers can set up reusable sequences and templates so inside sellers are not bogged down by the administrative tasks.

In short, the Showpad and Outreach integration cuts out the noise. Inside sellers can focus on building relationships with their buyers and adding value as a consultative partner.

Are you interested in learning more about how Showpad integrates with Outreach and how it might make your inside sellers into shepherds during the buyer’s journey? Contact our team today to learn more.