February 23, 2021
Updated: March 1, 2021

The 4 Best Sales Enablement Tools to Look for in a Software Solution

Sales enablement has become a priority for many businesses as more recognize the advantages of an always-prepared sales force that is primed to sell and drive revenue.

On a related note, these same organizations are increasingly in the market for a sales enablement platform that can help them develop and implement an enablement program. With such tools and capabilities, leaders and managers can more readily equip reps with the resources and knowledge needed to be successful.

Are you looking for a sales enablement platform? Maybe a new investment or an upgrade over an existing system. As a comprehensive solution for sales enablement, Showpad stands above the rest by offering users deep functionality to drive enablement and empower reps. 

Let’s dive deeper and discover the four best sales enablement tools that you should be looking for in a solution.

1. Cross-departmental collaboration tools

At its core, sales is a joining effort between itself and marketing. Thus, any effective enablement program must be built on the foundation of sales and marketing alignment. However, as any sales leader can attest to, this alignment is much easier to grasp in concept than realize in reality. 

This is because sales and marketing are too often siloed and working towards different solutions. When marketing is creating content on one platform and sales doesn’t see that happening, it can lead to stifled communication and collaboration — which ultimately comes at the expense of the entire organization.

Showpad helps solve these challenges by uniting sales and marketing on a single platform, using shared tools. This way marketers and salespeople can collaborate seamlessly on tasks like content updates. A salesperson might hear from various prospects about a new pain point not addressed in content and then communicate that to marketing. The result is rapid iteration of optimized content assets that contribute to effective selling.

2. AI-fueled content recommendations

Content is still king, but content for content’s sake is hardly efficient or targeted. And given the proliferation of content, it’s more important than ever to have the exact right asset for each interaction.

Showpad helps facilitate this through one of their best sales enablement features: AI-powered content recommendations. Think Netflix, which continuously serves users movies and television shows that align with their interests and data insights. Sales operations can do the same thing: leveraging artificial intelligence to determine which case study, testimonial, white paper or one-sheet might be most effective at a certain touchpoint given client demographics and their history of previous engagement with your content.

With data-driven recommendations, your sales team will always have the most ideal asset on hand to share and further drive the sales cycle forward.

3. Scalable sales training

Say that your business is introducing a new service, expanding into a new market or even assembling existing products into a new branded bundle. In all cases, you’ll need to train and coach sales reps on the most effective techniques for selling new offerings or making inroads with a new buyer audience.

Regardless of your sales staff size, managers will need a standardized way to develop and deploy training programs across the salesforce. That’s where scalable sales training — the type Showpad provides — is so valuable.

With a feature like Showpad Paths, managers can create entire modules, order the sequence of courses and visualize the assignment progress of the entire team down to the individual rep. Such tools allow you to scale up or down as needed, as well as make general changes and track attendance.

4. Conversation intelligence

There’s a lot of valuable sales intelligence held in the conversations reps have during meetings. However, it can be difficult to mine that speech and text for insights without the right tools. Conversation intelligence capabilities from Showpad allow sales to dig into the substance of their verbal sales interactions to analyze performance, identify areas of improvement and discover top-performing practices.

Showpad’s MeetingIQ records and transcribes an entire video and conversation, taking the notes that might otherwise distract salespeople. When looking back on the game film, reps and managers can tailor their future interactions according to client preferences that are discovered.

Another tool Showpad offers is PitchIQ, which fosters an interactive training experience by allowing reps to role-play or practice their pitching skills. The video recording can then be analyzed in tandem by the learner and the coach. Other videos of top performers can be shared so reps know how to improve, not just where they can improve. 

We even have some best practices and scenarios to help you make the most of tools, like PitchIQ. Use a role-playing simulation to test how reps respond to a customer objection raised during a sales meeting.

Find the best sales enablement tools with Showpad

Showpad offers all the best sales enablement tools, and much more. The more time you and your managers and reps spend with the software, the more intuitive it will be to derive value from the extensive content, coaching and training tools.

With the best sales enablement tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to elevate, optimize and grow your sales enablement program, fulfilling your vision of proactive resource and skills empowerment. This will ultimately translate to an increase in deals, revenue, long-lasting client relationships, rep development and business growth.

Want to learn more about all the tools Showpad has to offer? Contact us today or request a product demo.