Content activation in a nutshell (infographic)

July 26, 2016

Take one look at Showpad's website, and you'll quickly realize that we're a bit obsessed with content activation.

There's a good reason for that. We believe it cansave businessesas much as $3.64 billion each year. Research shows that'show much marketers – in the US alone – spend on content that goes unused, meaning it's never touched by salesand thus never helpsto close a deal.

That's sad, considering most companies are doubling down on content, with 76% of B2B businesses saying they'll generate more –includingebooks, infographics, blog posts, and so on – than they did last year.

But why are we making you read all this information when we've got a lovely infographic that explains it? Look below to learn whycontent activation stakes are so high, and why you should care whether your sales team uses content your marketing team creates.


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