August 17, 2020

Five fast facts about TRANSFORM 2020

TRANSFORM 2020, the world’s largest sales enablement event, is approaching faster than you might think. This year’s event will take place October 1-2 and bring together more than 10,000 sales, marketing and enablement professionals for two days of learning, networking and fun. I’m so excited to be part of this event once again this year as not only a keynote speaker, but as an attendee. Every year I leave TRANSFORM energized and inspired by the way our customers are leveling up sales enablement at their own organizations. 

If you’ve never attended TRANSFORM in the past (or even if you have), read on to learn five fast facts that’ll make this year’s event unlike any other — and one you won’t want to miss.

1. TRANSFORM is going virtual

Now, more than ever, health and safety is a top concern. With that in mind, TRANSFORM 2020 will be 100% virtual. That means you’ll be able to access everything TRANSFORM has to offer — from wherever you’re working.

TRANSFORM 2020 will be an interactive, uniquely engaging experience that’ll allow you to build an agenda that fits your schedule and interests. The program will be interactive, including guest keynotes, presentations with Showpad executives, customer speakers and panels, breakout sessions, and virtual networking opportunities. You’ll also have the chance to interact (and have some fun) with other attendees.

Essentially, we’re bringing you all of the learning, networking and fun that TRANSFORM is known for — all in a virtual, interactive format you can access from anywhere in the world.

2. We’re building a stellar customer speaker lineup

Every year, customer-led sessions get the most positive feedback from attendees. This year we’re bringing together a roster of customer speakers across industries, regions and maturity. You’ll see their stories driving many sessions with customers leading breakout sessions centered around the implementation, optimization and ongoing use of sales enablement programs and technologies:

  • Sue Petersen of GE Healthcare will discuss rolling out the Showpad solution to drive adoption in her session “Crawl, Walk, Run: Taking a Phased Approach to an Enterprisewide Showpad Rollout.” 
  • Carly Lehner of Axiom will cover onboarding new sales hires in the new reality of remote working in her session “Remote Onboarding at Scale.” 
  • Stephanie Kusiak will share how Alteryx pushed the traditional ways to utilize the power of sales enablement beyond go-to-market teams in her session “The Art of the Possible: Leveraging Showpad Above and Beyond Go-To-Market Teams.”

You’ll also see customers participating in panels and discussing common challenges and offering up advice to attendees. 

And in case you missed it, our current keynote speaker lineup includes:

  • Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks
  • Mary Shea, Principal Analyst at Forrester
  • Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School
  • Omar Johnson, Founder of OPUS United
  • Scott Santucci, Founder of Growth Enablement

Our team is hard at work building an amazing agenda that’ll cover a wide range of hot button topics, including selling in a remote world, making technology more human, providing a best-in-class customer experience and more. Be sure to check the agenda often, as we’re continuously adding new speakers and sessions. 

3. TRANSFORM 2020 is 100% free

Conference expenses can quickly add up. Of course, there are often fees for the event itself. And in the case of in-person events, there are also travel expenses to consider. This year, budgets have gotten tighter at many organizations, making it more difficult for professionals to access learning and networking opportunities. 

We want to make TRANSFORM accessible to as many sales, marketing and sales enablement professionals as we can. That’s why we’ve decided to make this year’s event completely free. There are no hidden fees. And a credit card isn’t required for registration. The entire event is 100% free. 

4. TRANSFORM 2020 is all about elevating enablement 

The theme of this year’s event is “Elevate Enablement.” But what exactly does that mean?

Buyer needs have drastically changed — a reality that’s only been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trust, empathy and collaboration are now paramount during every buyer interaction. Enablement must level up its approach to transform every customer interaction into a great experience.

At Showpad, we believe that enablement can only be elevated when there is a customer-obsessed, human-first and orchestrated go-to-market organization. The companies that will separate themselves from the pack to successfully elevate enablement will foster a collaborative culture where everyone is centered around buyers and their needs. The next big “task” of enablement professionals is going to get all the pieces of the revenue team collaborating harmoniously to best service the buyer through personal, human, empathetic connections. 

5. There are more opportunities for hands on training

Last year, many TRANSFORM attendees told us they wanted more hands-on training in the Showpad platform. And we listened!

This year, Showpad Academy experts will lead four sessions focused on:

  • A day in the life of a sales rep
  • How to leverage Advanced Experiences
  • Improving your sales meeting IQ
  • Ensuring sales readiness

During these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, brush up on existing ones and ensure you’re getting the most from the Showpad platform.

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TRANSFORM 2020 is the must-attend virtual conference for any professional who works in or with enablement teams. Whether you’re in sales, marketing or enablement, there will be something for you at TRANSFORM. You’re sure to walk away with ideas, insights and connections that’ll help you elevate enablement at your organization in 2020 and beyond. 

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