February 8, 2022
Updated: February 15, 2022

Showpad Ranked in Top Fifteen of G2’s 2022 Best Software Lists

Let’s kick off February with some exciting news, and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. For the second year in a row, Showpad made G2’s Best Software Lists awarding the top 50-100 vendors among a database of over 100,000 companies in various categories. 

We’re nothing without you

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a moment to thank our loyal customers for their dedication, belief and time in sharing their positive experiences with Showpad. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to improve our customers’ overall experience with us as a company and, ultimately, deliver a better buyer experience with the Showpad product.

“We believe empowering others to be their best creates an environment where providing engaging buying experiences becomes the ultimate differentiator,” says Hendrik, our newly appointed CEO. “For our customers, that means creating a platform where they build exceptional experiences for their own buyers and, ultimately, drive revenue. It is humbling to see these G2 reviews and realize we’ve delivered on this promise.”

Now some exciting stuff that you made happen

G2’s “Best Of 2022 software” lists use verified user reviews to identify and recognize innovative companies providing exceptional customer satisfaction and reflecting a strong market presence. Think Yelp or Tripadvisor for software. 

And with over 1.6 million user-sourced reviews about businesses, over 100,000 listed software and services, and more than sixty million global unique annual visitors to read or write authentic reviews, G2 informs countless B2B buying decisions. Which all makes standing out a big deal.

G2 Best Software Awards 2022

Ben G, Madi MTony T

This year’s “Best Of” winners were chosen based on G2.com reviews between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. All scores are calculated using G2’s algorithms that consider customer satisfaction and market presence categories. 

In that time, more than 700 Showpad users across the globe left raving reviews, and by this alone, we’re hugely humbled. But excitingly, this outpouring of love has resulted in Showpad’s inclusion in the Highest Satisfaction Products for 2022 list.  Heck yeah! And this year, we’ve even got Top Ten (you heard right) recognition in three categories of G2’s Best Software lists, joining the ranks of companies such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Google Analytics:

  • #14 Best Software Products
  • #8 Highest Satisfaction Products
  • #8 Best Enterprise Products
  • #16 Best Mid-Market Products
  • #21 Best Small Business Products
  • #5 EMEA Sellers
  • #68 Global Sellers

Animated G2 awards listing

*Cue teary speech. 

Here are some more of our favorite quotes (we love you guys!):

G2 Best Software Awards 2022

Vincent H, Rick KKelsey K

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