January 24, 2023

Here’s What You Missed at Transform Connect and the Afterparty

At Transform Connect 2022, we brought over a thousand sales enablement and marketing professionals together. Followed up by the Transform Connect Afterparty, where we kept the knowledge flowing.

Catch up on the conversations and advice shared during Transform.

What sales enablement challenges do you face?

We wanted both events to respond to real challenges our customers face today, like why “up to 90% of marketing content goes unused by sales” (Source: American Marketing Association). Is that true, and how can sales enablement conquer this problem?

To answer this question and others, take a look at four of our most insightful and popular sessions from Transform.

What are the top three Sales team headaches today?

Donald C. Kelly, Founder of The Sales Evangelist, dug into the familiar challenges that Sales and Marketing teams face in today’s macroeconomic climate. He offered highly actionable and proven tips for how to solve them. Donald gave attendees insights on how to communicate with buyers, the value of data and insights, and how sellers can guide buyers through their journey.

“Buyers, like you and me, are getting too bombarded with information. So we just drown it out. We don’t pay attention to those emails anymore. And oftentimes, we know the sequences that their sales reps are sending your teams.”

Discover Donald’s top tips to improve your sales effectiveness.

Sales Enablement during unpredictable times: What’s in YOUR skill set?

Recession, social upheaval, war, M&A … these are unpredictable times. Given all the responsibilities that Sales Enablement owns, Forrester’s Peter Ostrow walked sales leaders through how all these changes impact sales enablement priorities for 2023. In this session, Peter discusses what metrics your C-Suite should pay attention to and which skill sets your sellers will need to sell smarter in 2023.

“Enablement practitioners who don’t believe that some of the stuff we’re talking about should be part of their skill set are going to get left behind.

Catch Peter’s thought provoking session.

Customers are ready for elevated sales experiences, are you?

Boost the quality of your buyer interactions with the help of our Chief Customer Officer, Virginia Miracle, and a panel of Sales Enablement champions from leading Showpad customers, including Schneider Electric, Corteva Agriscience, Angela, and Corian Design. Watch these industry pioneers discuss how to empower teams and drive success in unique ways.

“The one thing I’ve learned is collaborating with the sales team is the best digital marketing and sales enablement strategy you can have.”

Follow the conversation today.

How to be true to your authentic self

Melissa M. Proctor, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena CMO, inspired Transform Connect attendees with her story of rising from NBA ball girl to CMO. In her talk, Melissa opens up about the power of an open-minded attitude and her commitment to building better connections. While always being true to who you are and her refusal to compromise on what she believes in.

“By bringing your whole self to work, you change the dynamic of everyone around you.”

Watch Melissa’s motivating presentation here.

Get more from Showpad’s Transform Afterparty.

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