July 31, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

How Marketers Can Use Technology To Empower Sales

The Sales team of any B2B organization is only as good as the marketing content they use when interacting with buyers.

But Marketing is only as good as the insights they use to create that content.

So how do they get the insights that go into creating content that adds real value for buyers? Shared technology with Sales.

Marketers are not strangers when it comes to using technology to their benefit. They use analytics all the time when they invest in digital channels.

But when it comes to understanding how content performs in the sales channel, they have no visibility. Marketers struggle because they either lack proper technology or are not taking advantage of technologies that are designed to hone content that resonate with prospects.

Sales is not a stranger either to incorporating technology that makes their jobs easier. Technologies like CRM and sales readiness have helped B2B sales organizations improve predictability and effectiveness just as marketing automation technologies have helped B2B marketers scale targeted campaigns.

But the disconnect happens because technology is not shared. With marketing technologies at the top of the funnel and sales technologies at the bottom, there’s an inherent gap between both stacks. Marketing and Sales need shared technology to close this gap and improve the effectiveness of the most important channel, sales.

This technology can reflect the changing dynamic between the buyer and sales rep, to empower Sales to provide value with content that goes beyond basic information gained from CRM or marketing automation technologies. Rather than two silos operating independently, marketing and sales need to operate as a partnership, with shared metrics and technology that can deliver tailored content specific to your customer that will, as a result, give them value.

Executing the right content at the right time to the right customer makes it easier for Sales to get a buy-in from a customer. But what is the right content? Using data to understand what content has been successful in specific scenarios, AI and machine learning can make recommendations to better arm Sales with the right content for the buyer at the right time.

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