November 15, 2017
Updated: January 7, 2020

How to Boost End of Year Sales

The end of the year is looming meaning it’s time to kick sales into high gear. How can you motivate your team to push through the holiday season to continue to improve performance?

Get started by exploring this list of easy tips to help you boost end of year sales.

Don’t Assume.

Lots of reps assume way too much when the end of year approaches. They assume prospects are on vacation, they assume prospects are too busy, and they assume there is no budget. Coach your reps to push past assumptions and take advantage of opportunities. Their potential clients may have end of year budget to use up, or they may be looking for new solutions to implement in the new year.

Use the Holidays as an Excuse.

The holidays can make scheduling crazy, but they can also serve as the perfect excuse to check in. Reach out with a warm note or ask what your clients are doing over the holidays. While your reps should still be prospecting, building rapport with existing customers is important too.You can also work with your marketing team to send some fun holiday swag. Have leftovers from other campaigns throughout the year? Or a special holiday campaign the team has been working on? Brighten potential and existing client’s days with some fun mail.

Check In.

As the year is coming to a close it’s the perfect time for your reps to check in with clients, review deals, and update CRM data. As a leader you can schedule coaching sessions or performance reviews, but your reps should take initiative in analyzing their own success.

  • Did they accomplish their annual and quarterly goal?
  • Did they meet individual quotas?
  • Did they improve performance over last year?
  • Are they accurately forecasting deal success?

Reviewing performance at the end of the year will help them prep for a successful next year.

Start Scheduling.

Prospective clients and existing customers may be too busy to meet now, but that shouldn’t stop your reps from booking out their new year. Have a competition to see who can schedule out the most demos and meetings in January to jump start productivity. The end of the year won’t be wasted, and your reps will also be set up for success in Q1.

The end of the year doesn’t have to be the end of productivity. Use the tips above to ramp up team performance and finish the year strong.