February 7, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

How to Make Models from Your Top Sales Performers

One of the best resources you have to strengthen your team is right under your nose. Start leveraging your top sales performers as models of success for the rest of your reps.

Use the simple tips below to get your all stars involved in developing their teammates, and turn your whole team into higher level performers.

Watch Their Style

One of the best ways to leverage top sales performers is to let your other sales reps see them in action. Have them record and submit their best pitch or demo practices for the rest of the team to watch and review. Your other sales reps may pick up a few style points along the way.

Use Leaderboards

Motivate the rest of your reps by showing them exactly how well your top sales performers do. It will motivate top performers to compete with each other, and give the rest of your team reach goals to work towards.

Involve Them in Regular Trainings

It’s tempting to let your top performers slide when it comes to sales training initiatives. Do they really need the extra help? Every rep can benefit from refreshed training, but having them present also creates a great opportunity for them to model the right behavior and attitude for the rest of the team.

Leverage Top Performers for Coaching

Sales managers aren’t the only ones who can help coach. Allow top performers to spend time one on one, or use coaching technology to interact with sales reps who need support or extra attention. For best results, pair a sales rep who is lacking in one particular skill, with a top performers who excels at it.

Monitor Progress

Use video technology like Showpad Coach to have sales reps proactively submit videos of their best pitches for feedback. This technology can help sales reps improve verbal, written, presentation, and demo skills. Top performers can review and pinpoint potential problems or skills gaps before they become an issue out in the field.

Top sales performers Showpad PitchIQ

Use Your Team to Improve Adoption

When you’re rolling out a new initiative, get feedback from your top sales performers first. Getting their buy in will help win over the rest of the team. They’ll feel a greater sense of importance for being included from the beginning, and they can function as the voice of reason for other reps who are resisting change.

Encourage Them to be Industry Thought Leaders

Help your top sales performers become industry thought leaders by harnessing knowledge and best practices into blogs or other digital content that they can share with their network. They can boost their professional development by building a following, and you can have a model representative for your organization.

Allow Leaders to Thrive

One of the best ways to help your top sales performers become a model for success is to stop getting in their way. Make sure you’re giving them the support they need by streamlining your processes and making resources easy to find. Using technology to your advantage will give your top performers more time to do what they do best.

Using top performers to motivate and coach the rest of your team is a smart way to use the resources you have to boost overall sales success. Implement one or a few of the suggestions listed above to upgrade team performance and improve your bottom line.