August 21, 2019
Updated: December 19, 2020

How to Overcome the Enterprise Sales Challenge: Measuring Success

Kicking off an enterprise Sales enablement program takes significant time and effort, as described in our previous enterprise blog posts. Once the sales enablement strategy is in place, however, it’s critical for Marketing, Sales, and other business leaders to ensure it’s having the anticipated impact. With so many players and processes in place in the Sales cycle, this is easier said than done.

In this next installment of our “How to Overcome the Enterprise Sales Challenge” series, we tackle important Sales enablement metrics and approaches to help gauge its effectiveness for increasing revenue while selling. Keep reading to learn more.

Metrics for Enterprise Sales Enablement Success

First and foremost are the quantitative measurements Sales managers should be focusing on that give a clear-cut analysis of the strategy’s effects.

Start with the selling activities. Tools that measure performance analytics including daily tasks, like sending out emails, tracking sales conversations and calls, and sharing content indicate not just an individual’s performance, but also whether Sales enablement is making your sales force more efficient during the sales process. Also, pay attention to performance analytics like lead-to-conversion rate, quota attainment, and of course, close rate. Lastly, monitor how much time sellers are spending on these Sales activities as opposed to locating or developing Sales enablement content. Compare all these numbers to what they were prior to implementing your Sales enablement platform to see whether there’s been an improvement.

Next, use tools to track internal actions of salespeople, from meeting attendance, the use of content, and completion of online training materials and certifications. Ongoing training and coaching are a major facet of Sales enablement, as is compelling and pertinent customer-facing content.

Don’t forget to look at customer engagement. Are buyers responding to emails? Interacting with content? If not, the messaging you are putting out may not be relevant or have the intended impact. Part of Sales enablement is understanding customers in order to provide them with the information they need to convert, so if that isn’t happening, the program isn’t achieving its full potential.

Observe & Report Enterprise Sales Enablement Activities

While quantitative data is helpful in indicating whether Sales operations and performance are improving, managers should also utilize qualitative methods, such as observing and gathering feedback.

Sales reps themselves know best whether the Sales enablement solution is working, as they are its main users. Sit down with sellers and ask them questions related to their individual experience with Sales enablement, as well as its impact on the team as a whole; how it’s helping, or not helping; and where they believe there is room for improvement. In a large enterprise, sitting down with each person might be difficult, so distribute questions in an online survey format or ask your team to send responses via email.

In addition, observe activities occurring on the Sales floor. You’d be surprised at how much insight you can gain just by watching how representatives are interacting with customers over the phone, with each other, and with other departments within your organization.

Finally, gather feedback and insights from those other departments that work closely with Sales, such as Marketing and IT. The purpose of Sales enablement software is to streamline processes, not just for the Sales team but for marketing, customer success, and all others involved. Members of other teams can bring in an additional perspective for the impact of the Sales enablement process.

Measuring the success of your enterprise Sales enablement strategy doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Include these Sales tools and insights in your initial plan and over time, it will become a natural step within your Sales enablement approach that ensures it’s optimizing Sales effectiveness and generating additional revenue.

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