November 28, 2017
Updated: January 7, 2020

How to Scale Onboarding for Growing Sales Teams

Successful businesses often grow at unprecedented speeds. This leaves organizations scrambling to find ways to scale current processes to meet their new needs.

Particularly when it comes to sales teams, managers are already strapped for time. Growing sales teams means more sales coaching, and more one-on-one attention. Unfortunately, sales leaders just don’t have the time.

Instead, leading sales organizations are turning to technology solutions that can help them scale onboarding without compromising on results.

How exactly does technology help scale onboarding efforts?

Offloads In-Person Training Efforts

Using managers to conduct in-person training efforts wastes valuable time they could be using for other initiatives. These onboarding efforts require major scheduling efforts, plus the budget for travel and accommodations. Even worse, when a sales rep misses a session there is no opportunity to make up the time sensitive learning. In-person training slows down the onboarding process to a painfully slow pace.

Technology speeds it up. By transferring onboarding to a software training solution, sales organizations are automating the onboarding process. They’re saving managers important time, cutting down on travel and accommodation costs, and speeding up the process by making training content available all the time, from anywhere.

Automates Accountability

A major part of a successful onboarding program is measuring comprehension. As teams grow, this turns into a bigger task. Sales managers no longer have the time to work individually with each rep to gauge whether they learned anything, or not. While having this one-on-one touch is nice in an ideal world, it’s not realistic for quickly growing organizations.

Learning software solutions not only offer a clean, automated way to deliver information, they offer a better way to track it too. With each sales rep completing online onboarding modules, sales managers can quickly get reports on their progress, and see where they are in the program. They can also add in quick quizzes at the end of topics to test comprehension levels for each rep individually. This provides them with an opportunity to pinpoint exactly where reps need more attention, without having to devote more time to the process.

Next Level Interactive Training

Traditional training solutions can only take an onboarding initiative so far. Sales organizations may be able to devote individual attention to role playing and other interactive ways to train and give feedback. But with quickly growing teams, there just aren’t the resources. Sales managers can’t work with each new rep, and they can’t rely on peer mentoring alone to develop the ideal sales characteristics and skills.

Technology solutions offer innovative ways to streamline these types of interactive initiatives. Showpad Coach allows sales reps to individually record and submit pitch practices for their managers for feedback. Managers can ensure that every new sales rep is 100% on message, from anywhere. They can even share examples from top performers to the rest of the team so other reps can learn from one another.

Scaling onboarding efforts for a rapidly growing sales team is no easy task. But with technology, it doesn’t have to be impossible, or even expensive. To learn exactly how learning software solutions can help expedite your onboarding efforts, see exactly how our client, TrendKite, used LearnCore to:

  • Decrease ramp-up time for new hires without taxing the management team
  • Increased client lifetime value
  • Reduced the sales’ team discount rate
  • Cut the time managers spent training by 35%