March 28, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

Introducing Shared Spaces: Bringing the Buyer Experience Out of Email

Today’s B2B buyers have high expectations of the sales process. They want to see relevant content, proof points and applicable use cases. And above all, they want a simple, frictionless information exchange.

In complex selling scenarios, it’s not unusual to have multiple stakeholders involved. In fact, according to data from both Salesforce and Gartner, it takes an average of 7 executives to make a sale happen. But more stakeholders means more complexity.

The longer a sales cycle takes, the more interactions take place between a sales rep and prospects. And with multiple decision makers in the mix and dozens of emails going back and forth, it quickly becomes a hassle for buyers to find the information they need.Introducing Showpad Shared Spaces
Taking the Buyer Experience Out of Email

This week we launched Shared Spaces, a new feature that not only solves this problem, but takes another step in improving the buyer experience. With Shared Spaces, we’re introducing a new way for salespeople to securely share content and collaborate with buyers in a dedicated, branded environment.

With Shared Spaces, sales teams can easily build custom, branded microsites for prospects and add relevant content at each stage of the buying process. And because all content is centralized in one place, buyers have all the information they need available at their fingertips, enabling them to build internal support and consensus within their organization.

Empowering Account-Based Selling

Shared Spaces is a powerful tool to help sales teams move toward account-based selling, a model many companies aspire to use.Shared Spaces can help make that a reality.

Because Shared Spaces offers an incredible level of personalization and the ability to comment and collaborate among stakeholders across the board, buyers and sellers can have a truly one-to-one experience. And sellers have a holistic view of the buying process with a real-time overview of buyer engagements and interactions with the content over time.

Shared Spaces is available with our Plus and Ultimate packages. To learn more, visit our product page and watch the video below.