December 10, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

It’s That Time of Year: Sales Kick-Off Planning

Sales Kick-offs (SKOs) are just around the corner for many companies. The new year marks an opportunity to re-set, re-focus, and prepare for success. While traditional SKOs use daylong meetings with classroom-like learning, modern organizations are leveraging sales enablement technologies to get more done outside of SKO to make it far more effective for learning and retention. The hours of sitting through instructional lectures can now be replaced with practical exercises like workshops and role-playing.

Solutions like Showpad  allow you to create, store, track, and update all forms of content in one location for sellers to access on and offline, making the entire SKO process far more efficient. To have a truly successful, modern SKO, here are some ways to ensure success before, during, and after the in-person event:

BEFORE: Preparing a Solid Sales Strategy

  • Evolve and refresh strategy then  create new content to support it
  • Distribute pre-work learning materials and assessments
  • Certify reps on important topics as prerequisite to attending SKO


DURING: Socializing New Content

  • Review new and updated sales content
  • Focus on one theme to keep sessions centralized
  • Less classroom-like instruction, more collaboration

AFTER: Ensuring Sales Reps Succeed

  • Provide ongoing training to reinforce materials learned before and during SKO
  • Track completion of materials for all reps and nudge those who need it
  • Integrate with other platforms to maximize sales efficiency

Showpad’s content platform gives organizations the ability to create and distribute the most relevant content to customers at every step of the buyer journey. Its capabilities give sellers the power to communicate effectively with prospects by facilitating ongoing training that increases productivity and helps close deals faster.

Are you planning your SKO right now and need more guidance about how to make it effective? Download “Your Guide to Planning a Sales Kick-off with Lasting Impact.”

Your Guide to Planning a Sales Kickoff with Lasting Impact

Your Guide to Planning a Sales Kickoff with Lasting Impact

Sales kickoffs (SKO) play a vital role in aligning Sales teams with business objectives. When done well, they are a powerful way to engage, inform, educate, and motivate an often dispersed Sales organization.

In our Guide to Planning a Sales Kickoff with Lasting Impact we provide a framework for preparing, executing and reinforcing your key message in order to deliver a truly impactful Sales Kickoff.