December 20, 2017
Updated: May 15, 2019

LearnCore’s Best of 2017

It’s been a great year for the advancement of sales enablement and the sales training industry, as well as for LearnCore and our clients. As 2017 comes to an end, it’s also time for ‘Best of’ lists and we’ve compiled some of the best from LearnCore this year.

Best 5 Blogs of 2017

We’ve published blogs on the top sales training and enablement topics all year, but these are the pieces of content you loved the most:

2017 Product Updates

We believe in forward thinking technology solutions for your sales team and introduced new features to the LearnCore platform that will continually improve your sales training initiatives.

Enterprise Reporting

Our new enterprise reporting feature that allows sales leaders to easily measure individual and team statistics, and overall completion statistics. These reporting capabilities make customizing, running, and saving reports simple, saving critical management resources.


Our new checklist technology allows you to streamline the learning process for every initiative, certification, or learning goal. It provides an online and offline learning experience for your learners, and helps you track and manage the team’s learning process easily.

Mobile Manager

We launched a new Mobile Manager app that empowers sales managers to provide personalized sales coaching and feedback, from anywhere. It also allows sales reps to access training materials on the go, practice pitches, and download content for offline access. Learn more about Showpad Coach for your team.

Top 2017 LearnCore Events

Not to mention, we had a big part in some pretty groundbreaking events this year too.

  • CoreConnect 2017: Each year LearnCore holds an annual sales training and enablement conference, CoreConnect, which brings together sales leaders for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and relationship building. This year was our best year with record attendance and leading panelists and speakers.
  • Dreamforce/Sales Enablement Soiree: LearnCore was excited to participate in several ways at Dreamforce, the ‘Super Bowl of SaaS’ including the Sales Enablement Soiree, where both LearnCore’s VP of Sales, Patrick Rodgers, and LearnCore’s CEO, Vishal Shah were featured speakers and panelists.
  • ATD International Conference & Expo: As a leading training and video coaching software provider, LearnCore attended ATD ICE 2017, and we even introduced our new Enterprise Reporting functionality there too.
  • TOPO Summit 2017: We fittingly sponsored the sales effectiveness track at TOPO Summit 2017, where we shared how to achieve higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and larger average deal sizes.
  • Revenue Summit 2017We joined the brightest minds in sales and marketing at Revenue Summit 2017 and demonstrated our proven platform for onboarding, training, and message deliver.

New LearnCore Partnerships

Lastly, we announced powerful partnerships that made our offerings even more impactful for sales leaders and sales reps. These partnerships help us deliver a complete sales training solution to improve the performance of your team and increase revenue. Learn more about our new partnerships this year.

It’s safe to say LearnCore had an amazing 2017, and we’re glad you’ve been on the ride with us. Stay tuned for more content, product solutions, and events coming up in 2018.

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