September 4, 2018
Updated: March 25, 2020

Making sure content is shareable, no matter the device, is key to keeping prospects happy

Our daily lives are personalized ones. We now have apps and streaming services that use analytics to determine what we want to read, what we want to watch, what we want to listen to, and what we want to shop for and when we want to shop.

That transformation in B2C selling has created heightened expectations in the B2B world. Buyers accustomed to accessing content on the go or at home and on whatever device they choose now expect the same ease in their businesses. Any hiccups in accessing the information they need could cause a sale to fail.

Buyers are increasingly relying on self-research before they contact sales reps. Because of efficiency, they may be exploring their options on whatever screen they have before them: Their laptop, their smartphone, their tablet, their desktop. That means that sellers need to consider screen size when developing content to ensure their potential buyers have a seamless experience regardless of the device.

Making it easy to share content internally is also important. According to data from CEB, 6.8 people are involved in the average B2B sale, which is up from 5.4 people in 2015. Of course, that number varies depending on a number of different factors, including the product’s price, complexity, and the number of departments impacted by the product.

The more people involved means more people will be accessing content. So sales reps should ensure that, not only is the content mobile-ready, but that it is easily accessible and can be shared in an efficient manner. Making information available in a centralized location will not only make the buying experience easier for prospects, it will give them one less reason to check out the competition.

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