December 7, 2022

Pioneering the future of sales enablement. A CEO perspective.

Winning in the 2023 economy will require tenacity, focus, resilience, and intelligence. We’re in a period of unprecedented global change, and it’s become difficult for revenue teams to perform and sell with an advantage. Organizations are spending billions of dollars on sales and marketing technologies to support sellers. Yet, no platform enables them to win in their moment of truth: engaging with the modern B2B buyer. 


Equipping your sellers to win 

As sales enablement matures, features and integrations once considered distinctive are now table stakes. The Forrester WaveTM: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022 confirms that “the innovation focus has shifted to enriched buyer and seller experiences that are tightly interwoven with sales competencies, workflows, and revenue intelligence.” Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in sales enablement.

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In Forrester’s report, Showpad ranked as a strong performer. Showpad received the highest possible scores in nine criteria, including innovation roadmap, overall integration breadth and depth, buyer experience design and partner ecosolution. I’m most proud of our strategy ranking and how Forrester acknowledged that “Showpad has a strong grasp of the challenges facing its customers…”

“Customers lauded Showpad’s partnership, customer care, and its understanding of business needs, reporting that sales reps liked the “easy-to-use” platform with its buyer engagement insights and coaching integration.”

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022

How are we pioneering the future of sales enablement?

While we provided Forrester a sneak peek of our new vision during the Wave research process, we introduced the Showpad enablement operating system, or eOSTM, at our annual Transform Connect conference earlier this month. Showpad is evolving from a dedicated product to a dynamic, multi-purpose enablement operating system. 

Why is eOS a game changer?

Today’s reality is that marketing and sales teams are functioning in silos without visibility into one another’s worlds. This lack of alignment results in your sales teams being unable to convert leads and hit revenue targets. At the same time, your marketing teams lack the insights to measure content engagement and prove ROI. 


Showpad’s enablement Operating SystemTM aligns sales and marketing teams around three core elements: impactful content, solutions to help sales drive better buyer engagements, and insights to drive content ROI and scale sales productivity. 

The bottom line is your sales teams start closing more and bigger deals, faster. And our eOSTM is designed to be easily configured, allowing you to turn your unique go-to-market strategy into a competitive differentiator. Learn more about the Showpad eOSTM.

Looking to the future of the eOSTM

Do you already have the eOSTM? If you are a customer, you have it. If you are a future customer, you will have it. We already have everything to be an eOS, but that’s only the beginning, and it’s where we go next that’s really exciting. To that end, here are a few of the significant developments coming up that we announced at Transform:

Product Vision & Roadmap

Our research has identified four trends that will differentiate the sales enablement system of today from tomorrow. Sales enablement becomes revenue enablement, and AI & Machine Learning will become transformational tools for accelerating our workflows. At the same time, these changes will influence how we build open and scalable ecosystems where storytelling thrives and how we co-create incredible experiences with our customers. All of these trends shake up how we think about buying and selling and inspire us to innovate in a way that delivers value to customers in these areas.

Showpad App Studio 

Growing your enablement operating system to meet your needs will get easier and easier. The Showpad App Studio will be your new home for delivering innovation faster, solving foundational enablement issues, and meeting the needs of your diverse customer base. With apps for everything from insights to experiences and beyond and soon-to-be unleashed natural language search-based insights. 

Showpad Partner Ecosystem

One of our key differentiators is the broad ecosystem of integrations and partners we offer that enable you to extend the capabilities of the foundational operating system. The Showpad Partner Ecosystem offers technologies, applications, and integrations to enhance your selling strategies and differentiate. The extensibility of the operating system via our ecosystem means our customers and partners can easily develop solutions suited to their own unique needs.

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The Transform Connect Afterparty 

We understand that Sales Enablement is a journey, not a destination. Unveiling eOS, the app studio, and our ecosystem are only the beginning, a beginning for everyone. We invite you to our Transform Afterparty to discover more about the eOS and how sales enablement is changing.

Join experts such as Peter Ostrow from Forrester, Melissa M. Proctor, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena CMO, Kim Scott, Author and Co-founder of Radical Candor, and a host of Showpad customers and experts hosting a variety of interesting and practical sessions.