February 26, 2019
Updated: November 10, 2019

Proving the ROI of Sales Enablement

Yosr Melki Barro is the Marketing Director for Western Europe at Knauf Insulation, a manufacturer of building materials operating in 38 countries. Over a year ago, she recognized that the marketing team lacked the resources and processes to measure its impact on sales activities. Additionally, a survey revealed that 63% of sales reps said they didn’t have access to updated and relevant content to present to customers.

In order to prove and improve the value of marketing efforts, Yosr and Knauf needed a tool that would allow both sales and marketing teams to evaluate performance in order to work more collaboratively and produce optimal results. That is where Showpad came in.

Leveraging the Showpad platform, Yosr and her team gained visibility into content usage and hours the sales team saved putting presentations together. They saw a five percent increase in revenue generated, and 88% more satisfied customers.

Before they got started, however, Yosr needed justify the investment to the organization’s key stakeholders.

Discover how she did so in her presentation, “Proving the ROI of Sales Enablement” this spring at the Sales Enablement Insights event in Zurich. At the event, she and other experts from leading global organizations will share their sales enablement challenges and strategies to help you build a better buying experience. Get more information and reserve your seat for April 4, 2019 here.

Sales Enablement Insight Session - Zurich

Sales Enablement Insight Session - Zurich

Learn from Ergo and Knauf Insulation how they empower their sales teams!