March 27, 2019
Updated: January 7, 2020

Sales Enablement Defined: What is a Mobile Sales Tool?

Today’s world is more on-the-go than ever before, affecting how businesses function every day. More employees work remotely and travel regularly, making video conferencing, instant messaging, and other technologies a necessity for organizations to operate efficiently.  

In response to this new environment, more tools are available on mobile device apps. Sales and marketing tools are not excluded from this; in fact, mobile sales solutions have become commonplace for reps to engage buyers at anytime, anywhere. This next blog in our “Sales Enablement Defined” series dives into how marketing automation and mobile sales tools boost convenience and develop closer interactions between sales reps and buyers.

Mobile Sales Tool Definition

A mobile sales solution is an application, accessible anytime via any device, that is used to aid in the sales process. These tools and sales app solutions house customer information and relevant, up-to-date content to engage prospects, allowing for fast and convenient communication when face-to-face relationship management isn’t possible.

How Mobile Sales Tools Aid in the Sales Process and Generate Sales Pipeline

Customer questions and concerns don’t always happen within normal business hours, and schedules or locations may not allow for sales professionals to meet in person. Mobile sales tools allow for marketing and sales leaders to provide excellent customer relationship management (CRM), keeping buyer conversations going, supplementing or even substituting live meetings and phone calls. Buyers can leverage CRM software with a mobile platform app to reach out with questions, and reps can provide an answer instantly, whenever and wherever.

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Key Benefits of Mobile Sales Tools

As is the major benefit of mobile devices in general, the general advantage of mobile sales enablement software is that they allow field sales reps to increase productivity by managing, accessing, and distributing product information on the go. Field sellers spend a lot of time traveling, and even inside sellers can benefit from accessing all the sales content they need during their commute or at home via a mobile app.

This convenient format creates various additional benefits for sales enablement:

    • Provides instant access to relevant information and increases sales productivity. When sales leaders are on their way to a meeting and want to brush up on their knowledge of the customer, mobile sales tools and web app solutions allow them to review the buyer and industry information on-the-go.
    • Makes content sharing easy. Sales reps don’t have to wait until they find a place with WiFi to use their laptop in completing sales tasks, distributing materials and analytics to prospects; instead they can be more responsive, sending sales collateral more quickly and efficiently.
    • Increases customer engagement and the customer relationship. Having consistent, one-on-one interactions with clients establishes reps as trusted partners, and showing reliability strengthens the business relationship and accelerates the sales process.

Providing a marketing tool or mobile sales platform for salespeople enables them to be more successful in their job and connect better with buyers. Ensure your sales enablement program includes tools and technologies that support the evolving business world and meet customer expectations. If you’re looking for better ways for your sales team to share data and increase converting sales activities, download our eBook, “Improving the Buyer Experience with Content.

Improving the Buying Experience With Content

Improving the Buying Experience With Content