December 13, 2019
Updated: March 27, 2020

Sales Enablement News Roundup - December 13, 2019

As we inch closer and closer to the new year, how can you prepare your Sales, Marketing, and Enablement teams to provide the best buyer experience? Check out the latest news:

8 Ways to Promote Your Content to Grow Subscribers and Sales

Setting up a blog and posting to it regularly is a great start for your content marketing strategies, but it isn’t totally effective on its own. To put your content to work, you’ll need to promote it via other Marketing channels. Discover how to get your content marketing engine fully running in this Business 2 Community article.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

Even without a formal program, you’re likely using Sales Enablement tactics in some fashion without even realizing it. Draw the most value out of Enablement and steer your Sales and Marketing teams toward success with these best practices. 

3 Ways to Kick Your Micromanaging Habit for Good

Managers often think hovering over the shoulders of their team members is the way to keep them motivated. However, constantly interfering in employees’ work does little more than irritate them and stunt their own professional growth. Take a step back and give your team some space with these tips.

Key Sales Enablement Metrics to Measure — and How to Improve Them

What should you be tracking to determine the success of your Sales Enablement efforts? The metrics outlined in this piece from Forbes align with crucial 2020 strategies. Read to discover how to better empower your sellers moving into the new year.

And some fun news to finish off the year, in case you missed it…

Showpad Named to Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 50 Belgium List

We are honored to be recognized for our consistent growth, being named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list for the fourth year in a row! Read more about the achievement here.

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