February 21, 2020
Updated: October 27, 2020

Sales enablement news roundup - February 21, 2020

Catch up on the latest sales, marketing and sales enablement news.

Four Ways to Reach and Retain B2B Buyers

Over three-quarters (80%) of B2B buyers have switched suppliers in the last year or plan to in the coming year. While you might feel that you’ve done your job after closing a new deal, the work is far from over. Focus on the experience you offer your customers and be a trusted partner to keep them for the long haul. 

Sales Enablement Needs Virtual Role Play for Sales Readiness 

Buyers have limited time and attention spans to listen to your pitch — so reps must be informative yet to the point when conveying your brand’s message. But how can you fully prepare every seller for in-person customer interactions? Virtual role playing allows salespeople to practice their skills in different sales scenarios. 

4 Killer Strategies to Reduce Sales Rep Ramp Time by 30 Days

Onboarding is a new hire’s introduction to your brand, culture and expectations. It’s also a critical time for new reps to learn as much as possible in as little time as possible — but rushing the process can result in a higher risk of mistakes and turnover. Reduce ramp time while maximizing onboarding quality with these four strategies.

B2B Marketing Should Organize Around the Customer in 2020

While organizations agree we should be taking a customer-centric approach, most are still building marketing strategies around products or events. The underlying issue stems from structure, not mindset. According to this Forbes article, agility and re-organization will set you up for customer obsession in the years to come.

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