January 10, 2020
Updated: October 27, 2020

Sales Enablement News Roundup - January 10, 2020

Happy New Year!

Start 2020 out on the right foot with the latest Sales and Marketing news.

5 Steps to Generating ROI with B2B Content in 2020

Simply creating content isn’t enough to improve your buyer experience and close deals — that content needs to be agile in order to resonate with the right buyers at the right time. Elevate your content Marketing and see real returns with these steps from MarTech Advisor.

Four Ways B2B Marketers Can Deliver a Positive User Experience

68% of B2B buyers prefer to research purchase decisions online. Are your online and digital channels persuading potential customers to take further action with you? The tips featured in this Chief Marketer piece will help you improve engagement and drive a better experience. 

Getting Ready for 2020: 4 Sales Enablement Trends You Should Have on Your Radar

You’ve probably seen at least a handful of “2020 trends” articles coming into the new year. If you choose just one to follow, let this one be it. Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights, offers her expert insights — backed by data — into what you can expect for Sales Enablement in the year to come.

Human to Human Outreach: Your Content Has to Work for Your People, Too

At the end of the day, Sales is just one person talking to another. While technology has allowed us to automate and streamline processes to speed up the Sales cycle, we must all remember to remain human in buyer interactions. Here’s how.

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