January 24, 2020
Updated: October 27, 2020

Sales Enablement News Roundup - January 24, 2020

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Enablement Metrics Increase Win Rate, Report Finds

A recent report by sSales Enablement Pro found that sales organizations that developed and tracked enablement metrics achieve higher overall win rates. So, which metrics should you implement? This article will help you get started. 

Predictions 2020: B2B Marketers Pivot from Products to Experience

Today, people generally place more value on experiences over products, and your buyers are no different. Bring compelling, engaging interactions to potential customers to set yourself apart and put you on top. Learn more here.

How Sprout Social Uncovers Insights, Boosts Performance with Showpad

Sprout Social is the industry-leading social media management platform. Showpad helps Sprout centralize sales content, engage buyers, and and gain insight into content performance. Learn more about how they’ve found success in our partnership in this case study.

5 Types of Sales Collateral Your Team Needs to be Successful

To avoid being lost in the shuffle of salespeople your prospects hear from every day, you’ve got to capture their attention quickly, and act fast to keep it. Make sure your sales reps are equipped with the essential collateral that will win over buyers.

Why Your Hot Prospect Has Stopped Talking to You

You meet with a buyer. They seem interested. And all of a sudden…communication goes cold. What gives? If your reps are complaining about getting ghosted by leads, this piece from Forbes details why it could be happening, and what to do about it.

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