March 6, 2020
Updated: October 27, 2020

Sales enablement news roundup - March 6, 2020

New month, new tips and best practices to learn! Read below for the latest in sales enablement.

How Agile Learning Can Improve Your Sales Strategy

Companies spent an estimated $366.2 billion on training activities in 2018 — yet reps forget the skills and knowledge learned weeks, if not days, later. So, what’s the problem, and what needs to be done to fix it? Make the shift to agile learning with innovative learning experiences.

The Right Way to Approach Change With Your Sales Team

Change in business is inevitable; it’s how you handle it and adapt that will determine success. Whether it’s a new product or refocusing your target buyer, your sales team may struggle with this flux. Be strategic in the transition to make it as smooth as possible for all.  

Building an Effective Sales Enablement Strategy

Planning and implementing an impactful sales enablement program takes an all-hands approach, along with the right tools and resources to support your efforts. Improve your sales process and drive growth with strategic best practices. 

Proving the Financial Value of Revenue Enablement

Business transformation stimulates growth and transforms areas of the organization that allow for better buyer experiences. But doing so often requires leadership to step up and make changes in business structure. Discover the recipe for a successful transformation.

Is Content Marketing the Key to Sales Enablement?

No sales enablement strategy is complete without content marketing. Compelling content from better sales and marketing alignment generates more leads and fosters better customer experiences — and offers a slew of additional benefits. 

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