November 29, 2017
Updated: January 7, 2020

Scaling Sales Enablement with Content, Training & Coaching

According to Aberdeen, 77% of sales organizations are practicing some form of sales enablement to help achieve high growth rates and overall success.

Sales enablement is a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content, sales training, and coaching services for salespeople and front line sales managers.” – CSO Insights

But how can you scale those content, training and coaching services, without compromising quality?

Whether your organization has a dedicated sales enablement person, or utilizes everyone as an advocate for sales enablement, scaling is a challenge. Sales enablement helps companies move and adapt to change faster, but as their teams grow quickly it can become a challenge to adjust their offerings to keep the momentum going strong.

In our latest webinar, Scaling Sales Enablement for Your Ambitious Growth Goals, featuring Vishal Shah, CEO of LearnCore, and Mark Rice, Director of Sales Enablement at Showpad, we’re tackling how to solve these challenges and more.

Shah and Rice discuss a new empowered buyer, and the blending of B2C and B2B buying trends as being part of the challenge. With marketing automation handling the majority of education with online content, buyers are coming to the table prepped and ready with high expectations for your business and products.

And if buyers are coming to the table fully informed, how will your sales reps continue to add value?

Shah and Rice also outline challenges within the three main components of sales enablement:

Content Challenges

  • Ensuring marketing collateral is reaching the buyer
  • Staying knowledgeable on how content is reaching the buyer and insights gained
  • Confusion for sales reps around whether they should be creating or editing content for their engagements
  • Keeping information up to date
  • Empowering teams to access content and stay aware of up to date

Sales Training and Coaching Challenges

  • Reducing manual touch points in training and coaching engagements
  • Preserving some level of meaningful interaction while scaling
  • Managing dispersed locations of employees
  • Ensuring communication of the right message at the right time
  • Scaling training and coaching efforts while maintaining or lowering costs

With the challenges surrounding scaling sales enablement efficiently at an all time high, how will you succeed?

Listen to the webinar replay and learn from Shah and Rice as they share solutions to all the challenges listed above.

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