November 28, 2017
Updated: October 12, 2019

SEAM Strategies Selects LearnCore for ClientWON Platform

SEAM Strategies has selected LearnCore as their software platform to launch their new ClientWON selling skills platform for new and existing clients. This decision came after months of evaluating multiple vendors and ultimately deciding that LearnCore provides the closest alignment with their Assess, Facilitate, and Sustain model. We were looking for a partner that would allow SEAM Strategies to grow and help our clients access content. LearnCore will allow our clients to consume content when and how they choose.” Ryan Weiss, President and CEO of SEAM Strategies.

“By combining our 20+ years in Sales Enablement and a robust platform, SEAM Strategies plans to deliver best in class blended learning to increase our clients return on investment and improve profitable revenue growth. This decision is a win for both SEAM Strategies and LearnCore. Our conversations began months ago; we visited their corporate office, attended shows, interviewed their customers, and met with senior leadership. We have been absolutely impressed with their business model.” Steve Buergey, Director of Sales Effectiveness SEAM Strategies.

LearnCore’s Pitch IQ® video coaching was the ultimate selling point as SEAM Strategies believes video coaching has tremendous value and growth potential. LearnCore will also allow SEAM Strategies to deliver their existing Operational Excellence online training program.

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About SEAM Strategies

SEAM Strategies helps client organizations with sales enablement and operational excellence by delivering a blended learning approach to change management. Using their proprietary Start, Eliminate, Accelerate and Moderate model, they coach clients to identify problems and opportunities, creating sustainable improvements. Combining onsite sessions with an online learning system blends theory with actual application, solidifying understanding of core concepts. All their clients receive unlimited virtual coaching support, ensuring success.

About LearnCore

LearnCore is a video coaching and training platform for sales and customer success teams. Companies use LearnCore to ensure their teams are certified and up-to-speed on new or existing messaging at a company-wide or product level. LearnCore’s methodology develops both knowledge and skills using educational content, testing, and virtual role-play to help teams practice, coach and socialize best practices. For more information, please visit Showpad Coach.

For further information please contact Steve Buergey, Director of Sales Effectiveness
(224) 210-9191