May 8, 2023
Updated: June 6, 2023

A seller’s guide to better buyer engagement

Trust is the foundation of sales deals. For many buyers it’s the most important factor in their purchase decision. Nearly three quarters (71%) of buyers say they’d rather buy from a salesperson they trust than one who gave them the lowest price. Yet, only 32% consider sellers to be trusted advisors. To build trust, sellers must show that they understand their buyers’ objectives and want to help them succeed.

Improve seller effectiveness with an exceptional buyer experience

Recognizing buyers’ needs, challenges, and goals is critical for building trust and improving seller effectiveness. By starting with a strong foundation of knowledge about a buyer, sales leaders and sellers can increase buyer engagement and drive sales performance. A robust understanding of potential buyers’ needs empowers sellers to tailor their messaging and approach to deliver a better buyer experience — and ultimately win more deals. 

It is particularly important for sales organizations to understand buyer expectations in today’s competitive marketplace, where 34% of salespeople admit that closing deals is getting harder. By speaking directly to customer challenges, sellers can stand out against competition and increase buyer engagement to gain an advantage. 

One of the biggest challenges sales teams face with customer engagement is the limited time they have to capture buyer interest levels. With sellers typically getting only about 5% of a customer’s total purchase time, it’s critical to build trust and rapport with buyers early on. Once they’ve built trust, sales reps can make the most of their limited time with personalized buyer experiences that accelerate the sales cycles and increase their chances of success.

Download the ultimate seller’s guide to better buyer engagement 

Learn more about how to get closer to your buyers with our essential guide, “A seller’s guide to better buyer engagement.

This guide offers practical advice for elevating your sales strategies and building relationships that drive sales growth. By leveraging these insights, you can tailor your sales engagement strategy to better meet buyer expectations — and win bigger deals, faster.