July 13, 2021
Updated: July 22, 2021

Showpad Product Release: Frictionless Selling in a Digital Age

One of the core capabilities required for modern selling is communicating with buyers on their terms. And to measure its effectiveness, this communication needs to be based on compelling and verifiable methods of true buyer engagement.

Top-performing sellers do this by relying on asynchronous communications, sharing information and connecting in new ways, rather than via back-and-forth calendar invites, unwieldy email threads and ever-increasing attachments. They remove any friction in the sales process by taking advantage of digital modern selling tools to conduct more productive, timely and collaborative conversations that move deals faster.

A quick overview of the most exciting new features of the June release

With sales discussions occurring asynchronously with multiple stakeholders, buyers and sellers need a central place to come together. One innovative way is with Showpad’s collaborative microsites, known as “Shared Spaces. These digital deal rooms let go-to-market teams and all buyer stakeholders easily exchange files and marketing material with actionable and informative comments and notifications. They’re a powerful way to more effectively engage with buyers and deliver compelling messages that resonate.

Showpad’s June release

In Showpad’s June release, we’ve improved how to use these digital sales spaces by removing any barriers for sellers and buyers to get the most out of these in a secure way. Specifically, we’ve added two new features for revenue teams to better communicate and engage with their buyers to accelerate deals in today’s environment.

Next to approved marketing materials, often there’s a need for a personalized document, be it a proposal, an implementation roadmap, or a status report to advance a deal to the next stage. This should be a frictionless action from the reps’ side, literally done in seconds.

direct uploadAd personal content directly into Shared Spaces, Collections, and My Files in one go.

To ease sharing of personalized assets, sellers can now upload files directly from their hard drive or Google Drive directly into a Shared Space and Collection without losing time. 

Getting your buyers into your Shared Space effortlessly to collaborate is key. A buyer must be able to access a Shared Space at all times without worrying about confusing login procedures or forgotten passwords. And it all starts with easy, secure access for all stakeholders, internally and externally. Sellers can not expect first-time visitors to understand complex account creations; the risk of dropping off even before visiting the first time or having problems revisiting is too high. 

frictionless accessAt the bottom of the log-on pane, there’s the option to request a 1-click login link if the buyers forget the password and don’t opt-in to the lengthier “forget password” flow.

Now, with a new login flow, first-time users clearly understand what they need to do to visit the Shared Space and the 1-click login link allows your buyers to visit and revisit selected content in a Shared Space in one simple state.

But frictionless goes further, Showpad broadens capabilities to Conversation Intelligence

Users of our conversation intelligence tool, MeetingIQ, can now share that one moment that matters from a recorded conversation as a ‘meeting snippet.’ Success is in the details, and sellers can create and share MeetingIQ snippets with peers, managers and customers. This way, they can instantly access the most relevant excerpt from an entire discussion, no longer needing to go through complete recordings to find just one part.

meetingiq snippetsAll MeetingIQ users can create MeetingIQ Snippets & Video Snippets.

The actual value of MeetingIQ is not in a full recording or transcription, but in highlighting the key moments, be it for educating and coaching purposes (“teachable moments”) or to inform internal stakeholders on open questions or important points found in conversations with customers or prospects.

Now that digital selling is the new normal, sales reps need to engage buyers who consume content asynchronously, on their time, e.g., in a Shared Space. Sharing Meeting Snippets has a strong use case in terms of transparency and deal acceleration. Those final remarks and call to action for the next best step at the end of a customer meeting? Create a snippet from the MeetingIQ recording and share this with all stakeholders in a Shared Space, allowing everyone to comment on the Meeting Snippet, moving the sales conversation forward in a frictionless way. 

Transcription in 31 languages

In addition to MeetingIQ snippets, we are expanding the number of languages that are automatically recognized and transcribed. Next to English, there is German, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and many more. The complete list is available here

One of our global enterprise MeetingIQ customers phrased this as “Fantastic! That enables MeetingIQ adoption in EMEA”. Multi-language support is one of the globalization requirements in modern selling and it should be an effortless action for the seller.

Industry-leading AR/VR support

To deliver a modern selling experience effectively, many customers with physical products rely on Showpad. Already with our standard AR/VR capabilities, they create high-impact experiences within Showpad allowing their customers to experience firsthand just how products would look in their real-life environments.

iOS users can explore the high-quality modeling tools provided in augmented and virtual reality with the USDZ 3D file format. This format supports state-of-the-art 3D models, materials, lighting, animations and skinning, all in 3D projected in your customer’s real-world environment. 

USDZFrom left to right: opening, zoom in/out, rotate and place the USDZ 3D file in augmented reality

Showpad already supports the Collada AR/VR file format but this has its limitations due to the complicated nature of the COLLADA support for AR. By now supporting USDZ file type and with the support from the ARKit and Apple, our users and developers now have a stable, feature-rich model to present AR files directly from Showpad. 

For customer-facing reps, they can use these augmented objects easily, in the same manner as with any other asset in Showpad. In addition, administrators and enablement managers can include AR/VR models in their Showpad Experiences and Pages. And importantly, because Showpad captures all engagement data on assets, content owners can monitor the performance and use of those (costly) assets. 

Frictionless partner platforms

Partner enablement through Salesforce Experience Cloud (previously called Salesforce Communities) benefits from a new, automated login process that allows your partner to automatically go to the Showpad home screen in Salesforce when the Showpad SFDC login is enabled as SSO.

automated logon SFDCUse Showpad in Salesforce without any additional login.

Organizations with complex partner channels benefit from integrated enablement initiatives to serve both their own revenue teams and channel partners. By using the same Showpad platform, these customers deploy sales initiatives and education much faster and with a higher ROI throughout their own partner network.

Trustworthy content recommendations in Salesforce

The problem with AI-powered content recommendations is that results are often disappointing. Not enough data for consistent behavior, not having control over the outcome and the sales reps’ natural resistance to “programmed sales processes” all undermine the potential value of AI-driven content recommendations. Showpad solves this by offering Administrators the most advanced toolset when creating recommendation rules next to AI. 

With the most flexible logic ever in recommending marketing and sales assets for the seller, Showpad’s content recommendations in Salesforce are more intelligent now than ever. By including all types of Salesforce fields and fields on related objects as differentiating factors, the recommendations are more valuable for revenue-generating teams.

In a quickly changing business reality, Showpad administrators from their side don’t need huge amounts of data and time to swiftly change tactics in recommendations based on actual content usage and engagement. 

Digital selling is here to stay

Survey respondents report that online and remote sales are as effective as (or even more effective than) in-person engagement. The modern buyer has changed, so it’s time to rethink how your revenue-generating teams can succeed in this new reality. 

Showpad is here to help you make asynchronous sales conversations just as effective as live meetings, if not more so, from digital deal rooms, conversation intelligence and frictionless access to content, comments and metrics for both buyers and sellers. 

To learn more about any of this functionality, visit our Help Center or contact your customer success manager who can help you learn how to transform your team with these new capabilities into a modern selling organization.