May 13, 2021
Updated: May 27, 2021

Showpad Product Release: Gain Full Transparency on Your Sales Enablement Program Success

Sales Enablement Pro reports that enablement experienced a 343% increase in adoption over the last five years. You very well may have rolled out your own program. If so, the first question you should be asking is: how do you measure the success of your enablement program? And even more importantly, what is the definition of success for your organization?

To address that, Showpad conducted numerous customer interviews and found that “engagement” was the number one success-related KPI that kept coming up. But the challenge we found that most companies had was measuring something like engagement that is open to many interpretations, particularly depending on your own sales enablement maturity.

We’ve found that the best approach is an analytics-based one, that focuses on objective measures that can be tracked over time, across any number of your program’s elements. And that’s where our latest product release starts.

With Showpad’s integration, reps can add Showpad content to their Outreach templates or emails.

Measure and compare in one go with Engagement Reports

In Showpad’s April 2021 release, one of the most exciting new features is Engagement Reporting. With this, you can dive into specific KPIs by “manager” and/or specific “team” to compare sales readiness across teams.

Specifically, user engagement reports show:

  • Marketing content performance and sales readiness metrics
  • Data aggregated by sales manager, user group and individual sales reps up to complete company divisions
  • Comparisons between users, user groups, managers and divisions on those metrics that define success for your organization

Report data can be segregated and analyzed with multiple filter options and drill down functionality. Engagement reports give administrators and enablement and sales managers an overview of the performance of their users at a glance.

As illustrated above, the report’s heatmap offers an immediate organization-wide view on user adoption and activity, answering questions like: 

  • What is the user activity in the platform?
  • How many collections of content are shared with buyers? 
  • and What is the course completion per user, user group or manager? 

Within a matrix of more than 45 engagement metrics, enablement managers and sales managers can now focus on the most significant and impactful sales competency gaps. 

Showpad customers, with both content and coaching data, benefit even more from this unified reporting. Managers now have visibility into reps’ content and learning activity, as well as their level of engagement, helping identify specific coaching opportunities and individual areas for improvement.

To quickly see how users compare on a given engagement factor, the Comparison tab offers an easy to digest chart allowing you to drill down into a specific engagement metric. As an example, you can now see which sales teams are in the best position to succeed in the new remote selling reality by setting up collaborative, branded microsites, or Shared Spaces, where reps share content and interact asynchronously with colleagues and customers.

Compare more than 30 engagement metrics to analyze your team’s sales readiness and level of buyer engagement, like the number of Shared Spaces created by teams and individuals.

Shareable Pages double your impact on guided selling

With Showpad’s Pages feature, you can easily design visually appealing landing pages with content for a specific topic or targeted to a particular person. Presenting these engaging and contextually relevant Pages allow sales reps to have more tailored conversations and deliver an overall better buyer experience.

With the new release, admins can now authorize these Pages to be shareable, just like other assets, so that your sales reps can share them externally. Importantly, compliance is assured because any unshareable content within a given Page, such as internal documents, are automatically filtered out and excluded from the shared version of the Page, so your customers only see what’s approved and available.

Once a Page is shared with your buyers, they have the same relevant view of content in context as your sales reps.

Shareable Pages can act as a microsite, guiding buyers through a product portfolio and its benefits, or any other info you want to share with buyers to support your sales efforts. In the context of remote selling, now you can deliver your marketing assets instantly to better engage stakeholders.

Quickly access engagement information and comments with New Asset Viewer

One of the most important activities for both buyers and sellers is viewing assets.

In our April 2021 release, both get more control over how they view rich-media assets on their computer screens. Zoom in/out and fit-to-page controls allow them to easily consult all details on any asset. For example, smaller text on a PDF becomes readable and photos/illustrations can be viewed in detail, allowing better understanding of a product or a solution’s functionality.

New Asset Viewer delivers improved speed in scrolling and zoom in/out controls. Quickly access information (like asset views and shares) on the page and comments.

Further, there is additional information for each asset on its popularity with peers and how long prospects spent viewing it on average. This engagement intel helps reps select what content to share and show their prospects, based on its historical level of engagement. At a glance, sales teams also may now view a content asset’s description, author, metadata tags, comments by peers and when it was last updated.

Sales reps track their learning progress easily in new Coach Info Pane 

All the benefits of the new Asset Viewer are also available within the Course navigation for our Coach users. Coaching information during the course such as details on the course, comments by peers and a place to take notes are easily accessible via a new collapsible side panel. 

With the New Course Viewer, learners benefit from improved speed in scrolling and zoom in/out controls.  All functional information is logically ordered in the details pane, including previews of lesson materials

All lesson components are displayed in the Info Pane, including previews of lesson materials to give a quick overview of what’s completed and what still needs to be consumed. Test results appear, as well as retake attempts for a one-stop hub for sales reps to track their progress and build knowledge with ease. 

Learners can take courses at their own pace and on their own time. Asynchronous consumption is supported as the Info Pane shows exactly where the learner left off.

Outreach Galaxy plugin

An outbound email is often the start of a sales conversation with a B2B buyer. Modern buyers expect personalization, so it’s crucial modern sellers share the right content from the first touch to the close. That’s where a sales engagement tool can help.

Showpad’s new Outreach Galaxy plugin offers a seamless integration of marketing content in templates and in one-off emails by sales reps, safeguarding conversation quality. 

This new integration makes Outreach Administrators’ jobs much easier.  Now, they can control the distribution of the plugin for the whole organization and follow internal security guidelines. With Outreach working in sync with Showpad, sellers can easily find and share content within their sales workflow tool and track individual contacts’ engagement with shared content.

In addition, marketers can enrich email templates with Showpad content. Sellers can instantly share the right messaging, support content with prospects directly from the Outreach composer and track individual engagement.

Benefits across the go-to-market ecosystem

With every Showpad release, we offer new functionality for everyone on your go-to-market teams. Thanks to feedback from administrators, front line managers, coaches, end users and partners, we’re continually bringing benefits that make everyone’s job easier and more productive.

The April 2021 release includes the following functionality for everyone in the Showpad community:

Content users can now:

  • Zoom in/out on documents
  • Fit documents to screen
  • Sort search results by
    • Relevance
    • Newest
    • Oldest
  • View engagement data on search results
  • Log Showpad activities error-free to a CRM through an improved logging experience
  • Reach out to customers with email templates enriched with Showpad content through new Outreach plugin
  • Inform buyers with value-centric descriptions and assets on Sharable Pages

Administrators can now:

  • Explore a brand new Engagement Reporting platform
  • Set up Sharable Pages for your sellers
  • Enjoy increased flexibility of Salesforce configuration

Coach users can now:

  • Use the new course viewer

MeetingIQ administrators can now:

  • Limit meeting visibility per User Group
  • Set up auto-logging of meetings to Salesforce

To learn more about any of this functionality you’re welcome to visit our Help Center or contact your customer success manager who can walk you through the new features.