February 25, 2021
Updated: March 1, 2021

Showpad's Latest Product Release: Find Content Faster, Customize your Experience and Build Courses Quicker

In 2006, the verb “google” made its entry into the Merriam-Webster dictionary and was defined as: “to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web.” Today, Google is a part of everyday life with people typing words into a search bar multiple times a day, hoping for the right result.

This works on Google because it has immense data compiled from 3.4 billion daily searches. But what if you’re a seller looking for specific documents and assets your marketing team has made available?

Let’s look at how Showpad’s latest product release helps sellers with content searching and other benefits for your go-to-market teams.

Faster, more relevant content search

Since our start, Showpad has been the platform to bring relevant content to the seller in a fast, intelligent way. In Showpad’s recent February 2021 release, we’ve improved our free text search capability, coupled with intelligent tag filters.

Content for sellers cannot be compared, for example, to an article about the history of the city of Rome. You can easily index the latter, and a simple search for “founders” quickly returns “Romulus” and “Remus” as search results.

Business content uses specific lingo such as product names, abbreviations, numeric codes, and company- and industry-specific naming. Showpad’s updated search algorithm focuses on exact matches and returns the results the seller has in mind, surfacing the right content faster.

In fact, in initial performance across our customer base in just the first days of use, we’ve seen a substantive increase in click throughs on the first or second result, indicating the right content is surfaced.

We also updated the sidebar tag filtering options as seen in the screenshot below. This allows you to drill down to the expected results with ease and eliminates the need for numerous search queries.

A new additional compact view shows more results on one page, including engagement data (number of views and shares).

Customized homepages: where Spotlights meet Pages

But what if you want to direct sellers to content they don’t know about? With the new customizable Home Page, you can easily create a one-stop shop per user group.

The idea is based on Showpad’s existing ‘Spotlights’ functionality, which lets you feature content or messaging above the fold on the app’s homepage. The new customizable homepage  replaces the default homepage and Spotlights, if that format proves too limiting for you.

Now, administrators can customize the homepage  for reps, showing custom experiences and  assets with the entire custom homepage becoming one big Spotlight. These homepages  offer more guidance along with the option to include handpicked content, Experiences and other recommendations.

Customized homepages are created with the existing Page builder technology, so there is no extra learning curve.

Accelerated course creation

Showpad pioneered advances in sales readiness technology with the introduction of our Coaching product; it addresses the need for skill acquisition and coaching on sales tools, playbooks and methodologies.

To help streamline your own course development on Showpad, we’ve simplified course creation, which can be a time-consuming process. Specifically, we’ve reduced in half the previous  six-step process, with a new three-step Course Builder.

The intuitive Page Builder technology supports drag and drop of course elements.

The process now lives on a single page where admins can  build the structure of the course, resulting in better organization and consolidation of steps; a second step where courses are assigned to the correct user group; and then a final check on options and publishing parameters.

Early Course Builder customers are already raving about its rapid drag and drop assembly. As one mentioned, “I love the ability to drag and drop-in lessons, lesson content and test questions and reorder them fairly easily.” One time saver being reported is the proactive, universal error validation taking admins to the point of correction if needed.

Benefits across the go-to-market ecosystem

With every release, we offer new functionality for everyone on your go-to-market teams. Thanks to feedback from administrators, front line managers, coaches, end users and partners, we continually strive to meet your business needs.

Other functionality in the February release brings benefits for everyone in the Showpad community.

Content users can now:

  • Find relevant content faster
  • Explore a custom homepage
  • Start a feedback loop with authors
  • Store more personal files
  • Enjoy a better UX on iOS
  • Access the latest files available when restarting the Windows Desktop App

Content administrators can now:

  • Create custom homepages per user group
  • Use tag recommendations
  • See all recent content activities by users and authors in one glance
  • Have more control over smart folder duplication
  • Set up Showpad for Salesforce Communities

Coach users can now:

  • Perform written PitchIQ assessments on iOS

MeetingIQ users  can now:

  • Start MeetingIQ recording sessions automatically from a Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Coach administrators can now:

  • Create courses in three easy steps with the new Course Builder

Showpad Experience Developers can now:

  • Program pre-filled email shares

Showpad product releases are the result of an intensive exercise: listening to our customers’ needs, aligning those into our product roadmap and keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest technology and emerging trends. We look forward to sharing more innovation with you in upcoming posts.