August 6, 2015

The 5 Sales Productivity Tools Every Sales Organization Needs

Sales productivity has emerged as a chief concern in today’s complex business scenario. In short, how can companies maximize existing sales resources to achieve maximum revenue?

Tools go a long way to help. These are the top 5 that I believe every sales organization should implement. Armed with these tools – and a streamlined business process behind them – your sales team will be equipped to transform their selling process and grow their company to the next level.

Prospect Management Tool

The pursuit of potential buyers easily tops the list of challenges faced by a sales team. This is a process by which a sales rep finds new buyers for the product and then takes them through the sales cycle to close. Prospect management tools enable sales reps to optimize their time working qualified leads and closing deals.

I like Salesloft. It’s a sales prospecting automation software that helps a sales rep build their own unique process for monitoring and regulating sales development emails, phone calls, and other activities. It works in tandem with LinkedIn to generate phone number and email lists, which are often the first steps for establishing contact with a prospect.

Lead Management Tool

Lead management can be defined as a set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate and handle their lead flow. A depressingly high number of companies have few best practices in managing leads. Lead management tools play a pivotal role in separating genuine buyers from uninterested ones, managing existing prospects, and moving them down the sales funnel.

Salesforce is a lead management tool that provides an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software services to help companies with global customer communication. It helps develop overall relationships with customers and nurtures leads; enabling companies to forecast revenue and track prospects.

Time Management Tool

The saying “time is money” is never more true than when we’re talking sales reps’ time. Scaling back on low priority tasks and helping them better manage their time can convert into a huge boost in sales productivity. Time management tools help sales reps work smarter, not just harder, so they make better decisions to maximize their time. It also helps eliminate stress that arises from mismanaged time, making for better work environment.

Calendly is a scheduling software which aids sales reps by streamlining administrative tasks, setting meetings according to availability, and saving valuable hours wasted through playing phone and email tag. It allows a sales rep to set reminders, manage cancelation notices and automate confirmation emails while being able to personalize the timing and content.

Sales Asset Management Tool

According to Tamara Schenk, Sales Asset Management (SAM) tools aim to provide the right content that is client-facing at the right time to salespeople when they need it. SAM tools should give marketing control over content and messaging while providing the sales team with up-to-date content to present and share with prospects.

A SAM tool should also provide sales reps with insights into how their prospects are engaging with their shared content. This will enable sales reps to sell smarter by easily identifying most engaged leads, key stakeholders, and relevant follow-up steps.

Showpad is the Sales Asset Management solution that enables sales teams with content in context that is engaging and relevant to the buyer. It is easily adaptable to any sales technology: tablets, phones, and browser. Showpad enables marketers to deliver up-to-date content to the sales reps. In real-time.

Transaction Management Tool

You’ve closed a deal – great! Now the happy rep, or the sales operations team behind him, needs to create contracts online and capture signatures. Transaction management is the process by which businesses solidify a transaction by capturing the final confirmation and signatures. Transaction management tools help speed up the process and eradicate the friction that may be caused by paper; and avoid the traditional pitfalls of lost or missing data.

Docusign helps businesses of all sizes easily and securely sign and send documents in the cloud. In addition, it readily integrates with other sales tools, thus helping the company get immediate returns and save time.

There is no doubt that sales productivity is the top driver for hitting higher revenue targets. In addition to possessing these sales productivity tools, seamless integration of the applications and a thorough understanding of the processes they support is crucial. Once that is conquered and the sales team has these tools in hand, there is no stopping them from becoming a force to reckon with and take the business to a whole new level of greatness!

Now that you have the right tools, you need the right strategy. Read Showpad’s guide “What is sales enablement?” to take your sales enablement game to the next level.