September 5, 2018
Updated: September 30, 2019

The Showpad Rebrand

As a marketer, it’s exciting to launch a new brand! We love choosing logos and colors and redesigning websites. But the reality is that none of that really matters if we don’t engage prospects and help sales close deals. At Showpad our mission is to empower sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy. Our new logo had to help us tell that story with a more modern, streamlined look.

I like to think that the left part of the logo is sales: sharp and maybe a little edgy (especially at the end of a quarter). The right side is marketing, creative, not boxed in. To engage today’s buyer, marketing and sales can’t be separate; we need to think and act as one. As a marketer, my job is to help sales effectively engage with prospects. It’s why I love working for Showpad: we empower sales to more effectively engage today’s buyers — and get better and better at it with AI-powered recommendations, training, and coaching. Our new logo tells the story of marketing and sales working together in a connected and infinite loop of learning to improve the buyer experience.

Beyond the logo, the new branding — and particularly our website — needed to reflect the Showpad culture of good-natured, authentic, ass-kickers. It also needed to visually tell customers that we’re easy to work with and that we have the proven technology and global experience they can trust.

With a mix of strong colors, fun patterns that evoke our logo, contextual photos and illustrations, our new brand design reflects the balancing act of modern marketers and sellers: creative and data-driven; fun and results-oriented.

I’m excited to see our new brand launch and hope every time you see the logo, you think of sales and marketing in an infinite loop of partnership and learning to engage today’s buyers.

Showpad updated branding