March 19, 2019
Updated: January 29, 2021

Unifying Content, Coaching & Training in One Solution: The Showpad Sales Enablement Platform

We are excited to introduce the new Showpad Sales Enablement Platform, built to equip sellers with the knowledge and resources they need to have effective buyer conversations and improve overall efficiency and performance.

Top organizations around the world acknowledge the importance of incorporating content, training, and coaching into their sales enablement programs. As the first of its kind, our unified solution takes a holistic approach to sales excellence, bringing all three together into one platform:

  • Showpad Content empowers sellers to guide buyers through the sales process with personalized content delivered through visually engaging experiences and augmented reality. Our analytics engine gives sellers the knowledge they need to make content decisions based on usage and revenue data.
  • Showpad Coach delivers learning and training content to sellers via video and mobile courses, assignments, and other bite-sized content that they can review on any device, whether in the office or on-the-go.

The acquisition of LearnCore reflected the Showpad vision of having content and training work together to drive a well-rounded sales enablement strategy. Rather than sales reps having to learn several systems and jump back-and-forth between them throughout the day, everything they need is in one place, from learning materials that provide relevant information for buyer conversations, to customer-facing content that engages and impresses those buyers. Additionally, a single platform alleviates the stress put on sales leaders and other administrators charged with maintaining programs and content libraries; they only have to make updates in one place without being concerned about consistency.

The ease in which sellers can learn and review streamlines training and coaching on the part of sales managers, one of the most important yet underserved members of the sales team, and allows them to bring members of their team to top-performing levels faster and at scale.

While managers often find themselves spending the majority of their time with the top 10% and bottom 10% of their teams, the Manager Hub feature within Showpad Coach empowers managers to efficiently deliver specialized training and coaching to improve skills of every seller, and still have time to perform their regular daily tasks.

A successful manager means a successful sales team, and therefore a more successful organization overall.

We developed this solution to help your sellers do their jobs better. With the convenience of training, coaching, and content in one intuitive interface, you’ll decrease rep ramp-up time, improve day-to-day processes across the sales hierarchy, and ultimately close more deals.