August 23, 2019
Updated: November 4, 2019

Weekly Sales Enablement News Roundup - August 23, 2019

Summer might be winding down, but we’ve still got hot Sales and Marketing tips, tricks, and news!

The Internal Perception Gap That is Holding Back Your Employee Experience

How does your organization evaluate technology? The perception leaders have about the solution implemented may differ from that of employees. Executives must consider and understand what it takes for employees to do their jobs to determine the best platforms. Get more information in this piece from Forbes.

Supercharge Sales Development Goals with Microlearning

Microlearning can help to fill gaps in selling skills and provide bite-sized, on-demand training content for reps on the go. Learn more about the benefits of microlearning and how to integrate it into your team’s strategy. 


7 Step Blueprint to Peak Performing Sales Teams
Maximizing the performance of each Sales representative is incredibly complicated, considering today’s high buyer expectations, changes in technology, and informal Sales structures. Putting a strategy in place and ensuring new reps are prepared will help turn everyone into top performers-discover how to do it in this guide. 

How to Overcome the Enterprise Sales Challenge: Ownership & Accountability

Enterprise organizations go through frequent changes. Setting up a new sales enablement solution within an enterprise is especially complex, considering there may be numerous Sales and Marketing teams and individuals working across multiple office locations. Establishing ownership for every person is vital to the program’s success. 

Make Your Sales Training a Big Success

Sales training should reflect the interactive and dynamic experiences sellers have with buyers. Unfortunately, many organizations are still using outdated methods. Learn how you can implement a more effective training program in this article. 

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