April 5, 2019
Updated: October 20, 2019

Weekly Sales Enablement News Roundup - April 5, 2019

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Four Sales Trends To Lean Into In 2019

Staying on top of these trends will help get your company ahead this year.

Have Many B2B Companies Missed the Customer Experience Revolution?

A great customer experience is key to retaining them, but still many organizations are failing to take the proper approach in improving their customer experience. Discover more in this article.

Your Sales Forecast Is Broken, But You Can Still Fix It

Sales forecasting requires some upfront planning; in fact, formal forecasting can increase win rates. This article will help you get on the right track.

What the Next Generation of Sales Looks Like

Discover how the onslaught of sales technologies is creating a standard of smarter, faster, and more efficient sales reps.

Sales Enablement Defined: What is a Mobile Sales Tool?

Mobile sales tools support the ever-evolving sales environment. With more sellers working remotely or traveling often, these technologies create a level playing field across the sales team.

How Executives Can Inspire A Culture That Motivates Millennial Sales Leaders

Avoid burnout amongst your young sales team-these coaching tips will keep millennial reps motivated and engaged moving forward.

4 Things to Know About the AI for Sales Marketplace

Leveraging AI for sales and marketing will soon become commonplace; organizations who aren’t thinking about it now are at a major competitive disadvantage.

Measuring Your Content: Avoid These Four Stumbling Blocks – CSO Insights

Analyzing the use and impact of your content is important for sales enablement success, but make sure you don’t end up in one of these pitfalls.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Summit

Join Showpad in London next week and hear from leaders at Deloitte, the Sales Enablement Society, British Airways, and more on how they’re improving buyer engagement.

Q&A: How Augmented Reality & Big Data Are Shaking Up Sales

Showpad’s own VP of Marketing Theresa O’Neill sat down with the Digital Journal to discuss how AR and big data are transforming the way salespeople interact with buyers.

How Do You What Kind of Content Works? – CSO Insights

Does your content management system have the analytics you need to know whether content is working? Find out how you can get better insight into content performance.

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