November 15, 2022

What do Sales Content Solutions bring to buyer engagement and sales performance?

What to keep in mind as you chart your sales enablement journey.

Navigating your way in the modern sales landscape is hard. And it’s easy to head down the wrong path when looking for the right solution for your needs. But don’t worry; The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022 is here to guide you to your next sales content solution (SCS).

Where are sales and marketing teams heading?

According to the Forrester report, “Potential SCS customers should look for providers that offer the following benefits:

  • “Ease of use backed by native integrations and strong content and data management… 
  • Meaningful, connected insights about content value…[and]
  • The right mix of capabilities and complexity — plus a strategic partnership.” 

How can a Sales Content Solution get them there?

No shortcuts

Great Sales Content Solutions are about more than innovations or a constant barrage of new capabilities. These still matter. A great sales content solution is: 

  • Built for the demands of sales and marketing 
  • Reliable, available and compliant 

Built for sales and marketing demands

Existing SCS customers, or organizations thinking about what value an SCS could bring them, want long and strong relationships. They’re building solutions for the long term, and the vendors who provide these are pulling ahead. 

Customers want effective and easy-to-use sales solutions that align sales and marketing content to better prepare sellers and engage buyers. They also need a team they trust.

In The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions report:

“Showpad offers content and coaching solutions with interactive microapps and buyer portals enhanced by a wealth of integrations.”

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions

Though better-aligned sales and marketing won’t matter if your solution lets you down.

Reliable, available and compliant

The biggest priority for sales teams is selling, not new capabilities. So constant updates and innovations are great, but they can’t mean constant downtime or process changes. Consistency and accuracy matter most when hitting targets.

Sales and marketing teams need to be sure their SCS has their back. They want:

  • Quick access to accurate and compliant content
  • A central hub that integrates everything
  • Analytics and insights that power shorter sales cycles
  • A solution that can work around their specific requirements

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions recognized Showpad:

“Global organizations and those working in regulated industries will appreciate its EU background, which shows up in the powerful privacy and security controls throughout the platform.”

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions

Showpad has a vision, and customers are the heart of it

Once you’re sure your SCS has your needs at its core, it’s time to focus on how they will help transform these in the future. The best SCSs offer solutions today and a vision for something truly transformative in the future. They don’t sit on their hands (or capabilities) because they know you don’t too.

Showpad offers content and coaching solutions with interactive microapps and buyer portals enhanced by a wealth of integrations.

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions

For Showpad, sales content solutions are also critical in helping sellers keep pace with the growing buyer demand for better experiences—giving them tools like shareable pages, digital sales rooms (DSRs), and powerful insights. These all help transform how sellers engage buyers and positively transform experiences while consistently boosting sales performance. 

“Showpad’s collaboration tools and DSRs are above par, making it easy to design rich, compliant experiences for a decentralized sales force and delivering an app-enhanced front end that reference customers loved.”

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions

At Showpad, we also believe it’s essential that SCS users ask: What’s the SCS provider’s vision for your organization, and do they have a roadmap to make it happen? 

According to The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions: 

Reference customers lauded Showpad’s partnership, customer care, and its understanding of business needs, reporting that sales reps liked the “easy-to-use” platform with its buyer-engagement insights and coaching integration.

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions

A new future for sales and marketing success

What is our vision, you ask? Can you keep a secret? We can’t. Head over to our new Enablement Operating System page to uncover our groundbreaking vision for the future of Showpad and our customers.